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090502 Outta focus?

Almost a month has gone by with no updates! What does that imply? FAILURE IN ALL FIELDS OF ART STUDY! 8D

Or maybe I've just been bustin' my butt for some 3D art course work the last week or so...

This is the Knit Princess for =MellowStrawberry's contest. It's not midnight yet in Alaska, so I still hope it's okay as far as deadlines go! :O Boo you, time zones!

Photoshop 7
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This is so cool! Her face reminds me a little of Mary Tyler Moore... either way, pretty awesome. :D
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wow! it's very very lovely:aww:, it's amazing what you can do in photoshop 7.0 :wow:
MelodyMoore's avatar
ooh! I love the painterly look. The hair came out great!
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Thank you! I'm really happy you like it! :love:
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And you're being magnificient as always!
The li'l crown thing (Diadem?) almost looks like it's photographed!
celestial-fox's avatar
I actually don't know any other word besides crown. Maybe tiara? But it's not all pimp-fancy like that. XD

But seriously, dude. You have no idea how wide I smiled when I saw that wall of Jarrys. X3
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Crown will do...

Glad to have cast a smile on your face. xD
Everybody loves jarry!
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I hate you.
your art is just so lovely ;-;
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*explodes into tears* Well, uh..IN SOVIET RUSSIA, MY ART HATES U! D:<?
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