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FoD Week 5- Mother of Evil :iconcelestial-arpg:Celestial-ARPG 0 1
FoD Week 4- Shroomie Attack
As the sun sank low in the horizon, the ancient forest surrounding the tallest mountain became steadily colder and darker. Opal, Capri, and Talwyn had been waiting around the long forgotten effigy of Death, hoping for some sign to appear, or perhaps Death herself, but the forest was quiet, eerily so. Frustrated and downcast, the three Kukuri were just making to head back, when Talwyn noticed something shining in the distant darkness. He nudged Capri and pointed to it.
“What’s that over there?”
Capri squinted to see the light. It was blue, and appeared to be moving.
“Could it be another lumi?” Talwyn wondered aloud. Opal’s whiskers twitched nervously. She couldn’t see what the others saw, but she had an awful feeling about it.
“G-guys, I think we need to leave. Right now.”
Capri held out her hand.
“Hold on Opal, I’m trying to figure
:iconcelestial-arpg:Celestial-ARPG 0 1
FoD Week 3- The Stone Circle
The eerie darkness of the woods was cold and silent. The ground was soft and wet, with large insects crawling about the thick moss that carpeted the ground. There was very little underbrush, and the canopy of leafy branches above covered all the faintest slivers of sunlight. As Opal, Capri, and Talwyn pressed onward, they felt some immense presence, as though the trees themselves were alive and watching them.
“Stop! There’s something’s wrong.” Opal whispered, her whiskers twitching and clouded eyes wide.
The went still at once, keeping their eyes and ears in sharp attention. They waited for several minutes, but nothing happened.
“We should keep going.” Capri said, breaking the silence. Talwyn agreed. If there was something our there, it wouldn’t do them good to just stand there forever. Capri started walking again, and Opal shouted “Look out!!”
:iconcelestial-arpg:Celestial-ARPG 2 1
FoD Week 2- Search for Death
Opal staggered back. She could hardly believe it. Could it really be true?
“A-Azkyril?” She said asked weakly, wondering if she had heard him wrong. Azkyril had been her closest friend since she and Unikk rescued him The Valley. They had been separated however, when an immense wildfire had burned through the ranch. Azkyril had been presumed dead after he was unable to be found, but Opal had always kept up the hope that he was still out there.
“So you do know him!” The Prairie exclaimed. “I knew it! My dad used to talk about you all the time, and he wanted to find a way back to you, but um… he has a mate now. And she didn’t want to leave. But I’m here, so--”
The Prairie was cut off as Opal gave him an enormous hug.
“Thank you.” She whispered, “You have no idea how happy I am to know he’s alive and well.”
Capri, who
:iconcelestial-arpg:Celestial-ARPG 1 1
Daius' Son by Celestial-ARPG Daius' Son :iconcelestial-arpg:Celestial-ARPG 9 0
FoD Week 1- The Festival Begins
It was a warm, sunny April morning at Unikk’s ranch, and the air was filled with the sweet scent of new blossoms. Opal had always loved that time of year, when the world was just starting to come alive after it’s long winter sleep. Being blind since she was a small pup, Opal had never actually seen the beautiful blooms, spring green buds, and new grass that come with every spring. That did not matter to her however. She still smell the flowers and enjoy the scent of newly rained on earth. She could still listen to the birdsong, and the soft buzzing of bumblebees. She could still feel the fresh the fresh spring breeze ruffling her through her fur and whiskers, and the warm sun shining on her face. She may not have been able to see the beauty around her, but that didn’t keep her from enjoying it. Another one of Unikk’s Kukus, a huge dove by the name of Capri, also was excited for spring, though for a
:iconcelestial-arpg:Celestial-ARPG 0 1
You thieving little...
Dodona shivered as she stepped to the edge of the cave her and her rider lived in. The air was crisp, and glittering frost covered the forest, collecting in the thick mats of moss and lofty branches high above. As Dodona breathed, plumes of warm vapor were expelled from her maw, drifting away before disappearing into winter air. That summer may have been one of the hottest recorded, but by the time winter had come, the region had become so cold that even the temperate rainforests were freezing over.  Dodona looked back into the cave where Mari was sleeping, curled up on her moss-stuffed bed, and bundled with a half dozen blankets. Dodona smiled, deciding to let her rider sleep while she went for a run. It was still fairly early in the morning, and woods were just starting to come alive with birdsong. Dodona was about to head off towards the river to see if she could find any rabbits, when the soft sound of crunching caught her attention. She dashed out of the cave and to her surpr
:iconcelestial-arpg:Celestial-ARPG 1 0
Cool and Confident [CoL] by Celestial-ARPG Cool and Confident [CoL] :iconcelestial-arpg:Celestial-ARPG 4 2 You gotta jump! by Celestial-ARPG You gotta jump! :iconcelestial-arpg:Celestial-ARPG 4 2
Shadow of the Eclipse- Nokt
The black moon moved slowly across the sun, like waves steadily creeping onto the shores of some shining beach. The glittering pool of water that surrounded the group reflected the sun and moon’s image in a thousand ways, so that it almost appeared that it had collected a host of stars, which were slowly waning away. Vex, a man made completely of shadows, mounted the golden feathered Royal Gryph that stood beside him.
‘Nokt is coming.’ He motioned with his hands to the bird. Allevard nodded. Next to him was the colorful Cara, Parfait, and the blind Kukuri, Opal. Opal and Parfait were shivering. They had been attacked from the air by a trenchdweller and crash landed in the pool of water, which despite the warm weather around it was so cold that it had sapped the heat from them. While they were fighting the creature they didn’t notice the cold, but now that their adrenaline had subsided, it came back to gnaw at their bones. Allevard noticed this, and took off with
:iconcelestial-arpg:Celestial-ARPG 3 0
Shadow of the Eclipse- Galyx
“No, I’m sorry but it just can’t be done.” Opal, a blind Kukuri, shook her head. For the last few minutes she and a Royal Gryph named Allevard had been arguing over whether or not it was possible to fly ahead of the eclipse’s path so as to watch it for a second time. On the sidelines, Parfait, a strawberries and cream colored Cara, would add some comments, mostly in Allevard’s favor. They tried to explain to the little white Kuku that Allevard was capable of flying that far, but Opal, being unable to see how large the Gryphs wings actually were, couldn’t believe it.
“You would have to fly for hundreds of miles.” She said. Standing beside her was Vex, a man made completely of shadows. Throughout the argument he did not try and interject, as he was mute and Opal would be unable to see his hand-gestures.
“I am perfectly fine with that. I’ve flown much further before. Besides, if I really need it, Vex can lend me some energy
:iconcelestial-arpg:Celestial-ARPG 3 0
Shadow of the Eclipse- Daius
It was late summer, and the cool morning breeze ruffled the soft golden feathers of Allevard, a Royal Gryph, as he stood upon the edge of a tall ridge. He stared at the distant horizon, waiting for the sun’s first golden rays to touch the earth. Standing beside Allevard was a humanoid, made completely of shadows. Vex, which was either the shadow man’s name or species, Allevard didn’t know, did not speak. He never did, instead using hand motions to communicate. The two of them waited, unmoving, until movement behind them caught their attention. Allevard turned to see a runner Stryx, possibly a Cara, staring at him.
“Excuse me,” Allevard said, his voice deep, and smooth. “Do you need something?”
The Cara shook itself as though waking from a dream. “Oh, no. I just… have never seen such a huge Stryx before.”
“Ah.” Allevard nodded understandingly. He got that a lot, especially from smaller creatures. “So, are you
:iconcelestial-arpg:Celestial-ARPG 3 6
Fight in the Shadows
The warm summer sun of Thedale shone down on Tczang and Ritual as they stretched out lazily upon an outcrop of flat rocks. Beside them, two Vayrons were also lounging on the pleasantly warm stones. The four of them had met the previous day, during a hunting trip in the lush meadows and plains of that area. At first the two Tokotas had been intimidating to Zureil and Clyde, but soon they had managed to get along, and had even worked together to take down a deer. This afternoon however, the weather had been so nice that the four of them couldn’t help but doze on the rocks, listening to the sounds of birds chirping, and insects buzzing. After a little while however, a new noise broke sounded through the meadow, causing the four predators’ ears to prick up, their senses coming to attention. Something large was moving nearby, the sound of grass crumpling and twigs breaking under it’s wait sounding like a dinner bell to the four hunters. They looked around, but saw nothing.
:iconcelestial-arpg:Celestial-ARPG 1 6
Rabbit Run- Gone Fishing
The sudden appearance of the hoard of animals did not last long. As soon as the small creatures spotted the three predators they quickly scurried back into their holes. Zureil pounced at them, but was always just barely too slow. Clyde managed to get a rabbit in his sights, and bounded after it. The chase lasted mere seconds, before the swift creature dove into a hole. Atmos forced himself to focus on the task at hand and not the charred bird. Rabbits weren’t exactly his forte. He preferred catching things like fish, or deer if he had to, but Celest urged him onward, and he did his best to try and catch one of the speedy little buggers. In fact, all four of them were trying their best, but try as they might, their prey always managed to elude them, seeming to be far more skittish than such creatures usually were. Zuriel, after having just barely missed yet another rabbit for the umpteenth time, growled and pounded the dirt with her paw.
“Errg! These rabbits are just impossi
:iconcelestial-arpg:Celestial-ARPG 1 0
I can show you the world... by Celestial-ARPG I can show you the world... :iconcelestial-arpg:Celestial-ARPG 4 7 Dance by Moonlight by Celestial-ARPG Dance by Moonlight :iconcelestial-arpg:Celestial-ARPG 2 2



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This is my ARPG account. You can also find me at my other account CelestialOrca. My icon is by SignlessCan, and the image on my crossroads/profile pic is by the amazing Hepoth. ^^


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Opal 3084 by Kuku-ri  Capri 439 by Kuku-ri  Talwyn 5355 by Kuku-ri

As the three Kukuri walked back to the mountain, tired and injured, a thought was nagging at Capri’s mind. Soon it was all she could think about, and a cold pit formed in her stomach. She stopped abruptly, caused Opal and Talwyn to stop as well, and then cat-like escort, who turned to look at the lumi.
“We mustn’t stop.” The dragon said, her voice low in case any shroomies were nearby.
Capri shook her head. “No. We have to go back.”
Talwyn’s goo covered feathers rose, and Opal shivered.
“Why?” Talwyn asked. “We barely made it out of there and Opal needs healing.”
Capri’s luminescence flared. “I know, but there has to be a mother. And as long as she’s still around more shroomies are going to appear. We were close to where they first came from, so if we went back and kept going we could almost certainly find the shroom mother.
Opal’s whiskers drew tight to her body at the thought of facing the mother. Talwyn noticed this and held her close.
“We can’t. Not with Opal here. She’s badly injured and we aren’t faring much better."
At this the tiger-like dragon stepped up to the three Kukuri.
“This mother, she is the source of these abominations yes?”
Capri nodded.
“Well then, there is no question about it. We must kill her before she can infect this forest further. As for your blind friend, I can swiftly fly her to the mountain then return to help you fight. And while I’m at it, I will gather as many Kukuri as are willing to come and fight the mother as well.”
“That sounds like a good plan, but how will you fly? You don’t have wings?”
At that moment, the dragon’s form burst into motion and in a flurry of feathers she transformed into a massive eagle-like creature which the Kukuri recognized as a Stryx.
“I will join you as soon as I am able. Fight bravely.”
Without letting the Kukuri respond, she scooped up Opal in her talons and flew up through the canopy, disappearing into the dark night sky.
“Well, I suppose that’s that.” Capri sighed. “Come on Prairie boy, let’s go put mother out of her misery.”
The journey to the epicenter of the contagion was long and grueling. There seemed to be  and endless supply of shroomies which attacked from above and below. They wondered if they would even be able to reach the mother without being overwhelmed by the black monstrosities. The forest around them become unnaturally dead-feeling, and glowing mushrooms started to appear on the trees. They knew they were getting close. Talwyn was just finishing off a couple flying shroomies when he heard a sound that made his feathers prickle. A massive wave of shroomies appeared ahead of them, and as they dispersed, they revealed the hideous form the mother, which had been a flying Kukuri at some time. Capri gasped at the sight of it. Unlike the previous mother, who had been full of malice and Life’s wrath, this mother seemed sad, as though a part of it was aware of what it had become.
Shroom mother FoD by momma-kuku
Capri felt sick to her stomach, but Talwyn was madder than he had ever been in his life. Flying Kukuri were considered close to sacred to Prairies, and to see one defiled as this one was, was more than he could stand. He knew he had to kill the mother. He had to free her, at any cost. Letting out a loud cry, he rushed at the mother, Capri right behind him. He crashed into the swarm of shroomies, tearing into them like a wild animal. There was a mad rage in his eyes, and Capri wondered if he was succumbing to the contagion. He hit the mother with such force that blood splattered over him and the mouths covering the mother back all began wheezing and shrieking. All the shroomies in the area turned towards them and began to viciously attack, defending their mother. Capri tried to hold them off while Talwyn climbed the mother to attack her neck, but there were so many of them that within minutes she was completely cover in a massive pile of them. She was certain that she would die right then and there, when the loud reverberations of large wingbeats shook the air. There was a piercing shriek and the pile of shroomies was torn away by massive talons. The Stryx quickly shifted back to her dragon form and let out a scorching torrent of flames at the droves of shroomies, which gave off a smell like rotting mushrooms and burnt tar. Talwyn barely even noticed when the dragon arrives as he was so focused on attacking the mother. The mouths on her back were biting his feet and legs, and her wretched arms tore at him, but he did not relent. The shroomies desperately tried to attack him as well, but Capri and the dragon did their best to keep them at bay. Still, it seemed impossible to fight so many shroomies with so few of themselves. But then, from the forest ahead of them, they could hear the sound of dozens and dozens of Kukuri fighting and charging towards them. They came rushing from the tree, Prairies letting out war-cries and helping Talwyn attack the mother while the rest fought off the shroomies. Now it was the vile black creatures who were in trouble, as the droves of brave and angry Kukuri slaughtered them left and right. Blood and black goop covered the ground so thickly that  it looked like they were standing in a deadly wetland. Capri watched as several Kukuri were swarmed and fell into blackness, unmoving. The mother was faring badly as well however. She was in shambles, parts of her having been strewn throughout the forest. She could barely move anymore with as much damage as the Kukuri had done. Her mouths roared and screamed with pain and fury, while her head sagged into puddle of her own blood and shroomie remains. The end was near, but they had to keep fighting. The shroomies had become manic now, and fought with a ferocity unmatched by any natural creature. More and more seemed to pour from the forest, and Capri watched as Kukuri around her fell and were overtaken. Even the dragon was beginning to be overwhelmed. Capri and Talwyn kept fighting however, and the lumi lifted her prayers to Death to give them the strength for one last push.
FoD Week 5- Mother of Evil
Festival Of Death Week 5
If shroomies are there, it means there's a mother. Digging deep inside the forest they do indeed find the mother, an aerial Kukuri with merged limbs and wheezing heads growing from it's back, gasping and wheezing for air as the shroomies defend her. The onslaught is merciless and it feels like there's no stopping the waves of black creatures.

Featuring Opal, Capri, and Talwyn, as well as a dragon OC of mine.

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Hello there my fellow bird lovers! I have recently had a very special character made for me and I would like to get him some really nice, high quality art.

This is the character in question. He is extremely precious to me and is going to be my main OC both on my ARPG account and my main account. He does not have a full ref as of now but I have someone commissioned for that so it should be ready in the near future.

Here's what I'm looking for:
HQ Fullbodies
Full Scenes
HQ Sketches

Also looking to get some art for some of these characters as well.…

Please note that I am looking for High Quality art only, and am wanting quality over quantity.

What I can offer in exchange for the art are my various Stryx things I have for sale, including slots to my signature Royal Horizon pair, some really nice genos, and some pretty imports, many of which already have their EoGs. ^^
Royal Horizon pair- URGENT SALE! Help a friend! x
Royal Horizon slots are here!

Allevard and Xenith were specifically designed to be the perfect mate to each other, and not only are they 10m and 7m Royals with 7 uncommon marks between them, they are also able to make half-moon and rare twilight babies, as well fire-breathers and feather muts! Plus as an added bonus they are both Ascended so there is no chance of any empty clutch!
See some of the offspring possibilities here and here.

URGENT UPDATE: All slots are 25% off and the proceeds are going to a friend who badly needs money for a new tablet asap!

~Slot Deals~

Individual Slot Deals

Eiremis Stryx Market- Muts, Galyx Bombs, Harle...!Welcome to the stryx market!
Here you can find Stryx genos/imports, as well as items like Tokens, Tonics, Baubles and more! I primarily accept usd as payment though I may consider other payment forms! So go ahead, take a look around!
Please note that I am not taking ap or slots at this time unless stated otherwise in a geno's/item's price description. I am accepting nice/HQ art for some genos however.
Items/Stryx that I am currently looking for.

!!Markings/Store Credit!!
Breath Ability Stones
!!!!Royal Harpias/Gryphs!!!!
(will auto-accept for anything sold here)

None atm

Please note, if anything seems over/underpriced, do let me know!

All prices are negotiable!
Italicized= Uncommon/Rare Base Coat

Italicized + Underline= Feather Mutation
ALL CAPS= Dominant
Pay what you want HQ Stryx imports- DOM Sand/Ecl..Mm, so yeah, stryx has kinda lost its luster for me. The group has become so strict with literature that I no longer enjoy doing AP, as literature is my main form of art. So I've decided to sell all but my two Royals. I might keep a few others, but if I can get some good money for them I wouldn't mind parting with them.
These guys are pretty much pay what you think they worth. Some of them I might ask for higher than you are offering, but for most of them I just don't care anymore. ;-;
Easy Pickins

Dom eclipse (when paired with dom moon offspring guaranteed to have rare Half-Moon).
Very Tentative

Alpha, has EoG, 1 slot used, nox base. He must be bought with Roca.
Has EoG, 1 slot used, nox base. She must be bought with Caper.

If offering, please be sure to including examples of your work, thanks!


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