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Photo_03: taped instant photo



photo_03 terms of use:

Please let me know if you find this submission useful: fave it, link to this page, post a comment below, or however you find convenient.

This submission, photo_03.png and the other contents of photo_03.zip are hereby made public domain. You can do whatever you want with it.

While trying to create a "virtual notebook" (not yet published), I decided I needed a way to include photographs taped to a page. After a long search, I found an image by dixiedarlin ( dixiedarlin.deviantart.com ) which seemed to come the closest to what I wanted. It's available at dixiedarlin.deviantart.com/art…

After using it for a while, though, I decided it wasn't quite appopriate for what I was trying to do. As a result, I spent some time using Paint.net to create several png images which simulate taped instant photographs. I'm using them as the surface textures for 3D models (created using Anim8or) which will be placed on pages of the virtual notebook. One of those images (photo_03.png) can be seen here.

The download photo_03.zip includes the following items:

Archive:  photo_03.zip
  Length      Date    Time    Name
---------  ---------- -----   ----
      182  09-27-2016 16:52   photo_03.mtl
     4259  09-27-2016 16:52   photo_03.obj
     5575  09-27-2016 16:51   photo_03.an8
    27827  09-27-2016 16:18   photo_03.png
   194664  09-27-2016 16:15   photo_03.pdn
     1849  09-27-2016 17:31   photo_03_readme.txt
---------                     -------
   234356                     6 files

The Wavefront .mtl and .obj files and the Anim8or .an8 file are 3d models of the taped photograph.

The .pdn file includes several layers which can be adapted to create your own versions of this image. Although the PDN format is proprietary to Paint.Net, you can use Irfanview to extract the layers as .PNG images.

September 27, 2016
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I'm thinking of Life Is Strange right now good job