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newsflash, dA isn't trying to bring you down

I just recently read a few journals of a deviant who shall remain nameless who seems to think that when his deviations that violate copyright get taken down it means that A) He's so popular that anal retentive copyright cops are getting his work taken down or B) dA is out to get him because "other girls have hundreds of images here as well, but only my images are violations."

Firstly - your deviations got taken down because your page got linked in the forums and quite obviously someone who recognized that the photos you were manipulating weren't yours and weren't free stock to use.
Second - the arguement of "BUT EVERYONE ELSE DOES IT" doesn't work in any situation. I'll consult the trusty FAQ on this one: FAQ #302: How does the staff decide to take action? Why does it seem inconsistent?

So no, the other deviations aren't left up because people said they didn't own the copyright, they're left up because no one has reported them because no one has seen them.

And I very badly want to tell that to said journal writer, however since I don't want to start drama with some crazy inflation artist... well, here I am writing my own journal ;)

edit: "It's obvious somebody doesn't like what you do with the images and the popularity you have gained with them." - :no: this is why these people think like this then, if these are the comments they get

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So, art theft + duhhh = popularity.

Should tell him if it makes him feel better, he can always exact revenge by reporting other rips. With the possibility of some measure of redemption in his own eyes as well.
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It's too bad really, because it looks like he's got some nice photoshop skills... inflation/morph art just gives me the heebie jeebies, and I think it's really wrong to do that to a picture of someone without their permission. If I found someone on dA photoshopping me to make my breasts look the size of a filing cabinet I'd be pissed.