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Good morning everyone!

To those who have been watching me up until this point, thank you for having patience for the lack of updating on dA, I am currently approaching the last few weeks of the 3rd marking period here at school and I'm trying to boost my grades up as much possible I can before anything is finalized (physics..... OTL). Aside from that, I have not stopped designing because of my graphic design class and other class-related projects that I have managed to make posters for, as well as other forms of print.

Eventually I will be posting these designs onto my gallery, there are a few projects I am not really fond of so they will be placed in my Graphic Design folder and just...float there. I cannot post anything to dA from the Macs at school (I won't bother asking the school's IT office, flash drives op), until then I hope everyone can have a little more patience because aside from following in the footsteps of a designer, I also have a major English project that has allowed me to focus more on my digital and pixel art. 

On the same subject, about a month or two ago I posted a chibi drawing of one of my new OCs, Carin, who is part of this major web design and game project called Celestial Grunt. With the help of one of my friends who is in my English class, we are working together to bring my story for Celestial Grunt to life through a website that I am designing in Muse, and a game that he will be coding in Flash builder/Animate. 

Story Summary:

Escalia, the home of humans with or without powers has reigned in peace for almost a thousand years after the defeat of a powerful demon lord, Vadim by another demon lord, Al, in the Celestial Grunt War. The remaining demons have stayed at bay with mischief running through their veins, and wreaking havoc over the land. Protected and guided by one of the Celestial Knights since a young age, Al could counter much of the evil looming over Escalia. Awakened once more as a human, Al will protect the world no matter the cost, alone without his precious knight who brought light to his life with her smile.

For now, as the project is under development, this summary and art of the two of the four main protagonists (Carin and Al) is all I will be releasing for the time being. Sneak peeks, concept art, etc might be posted on the project's Tumblr page and my Twitter account. So please do follow us!

Until my next post, I hope everyone has a wonderful day.
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March 19, 2016


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