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Sunflower Pup

"I thought these would look lovely in your office, Mayor!" :Sunflower-la: 

Isabelle is a pure soul. I love Animal Crossing!

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Isabelle is so cute <3
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*loud screaming*
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So precious ;3; aah
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PUPPYYY~ AWWWW!! <3333 I love Isabelle so much!
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Isabelle is my favourite, she is precious.
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Aww she looks like an Animal Crossing character. :) 
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She is! Isabelle is your assistant in Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the 3DS~ She was also just added to Smash. She's super cute and nice!
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how cute and soft is this?!Love 
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Sunflowers are my favorite. ❤w❤
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Oh my God, this is beyond adorable...! Absolutely precious!
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So adorable, I love Isabelle! Thought strangely enough not from Animal Crossing, never played the game in my life. The furry fandom turned me on to her.
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Not to be dramatic or anything; but I would die for Isabelle.
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Good morning friend, so adorable!!!!!.
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This is too cute 😲
I love the animal Crossing series and Isabelle is actually my favourite character to play as in Smash Ultimate.
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Aww she's adorable!
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oh my love.. too precious T T
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