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Photoshop Cel Shading Tutorial

Here it is, as promised.

Yes, I have a tablet. Yes, this should work with any version of Photoshop even though I used 7. Yes, I did it totally on the computer, but you can scan a sketch/ink and apply the same methods.

I think that covers everything...but probably not.
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i like it
nice job
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I do love the tutorial but I got stuck in the end with coloring the lineart ^^;
How exactly do you color the lineart if that layer is locked? Because the locked layer cannot be tampered with.
Thank you! >w<
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You're probably using the wrong lock. Don't use the lock icon, use the transparency lock.
WhiterStar's avatar
Oh dear, now I want to palm myself in the face! XD Yugi Facepalm 
Thank you so much! >w<
Trurotaketwo's avatar
This is interesting. I'll have to give this a try. Thanks for making this tutorial, it looks really helpful!
LucyHeartfilla2's avatar
This is a great help for me! Thx ^^
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Very nice tutorial, really easy to follow and so inspiring and helpful!
eltoroguaco's avatar
Great tutorial. Thanks :) It's old, but it works and I got great results from using it.
an-impossible-thing's avatar
This tutorial is 10 years old but still very useful.
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Thank you. Found some useful tips here.
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thx for the tutorial it really helped :)
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Thanks for the tutorial. It's definitely going to help with my future drawings.
ryuunosukes's avatar
Will use when I actually can.
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Oh my goodness. This has been the most helpful tutorial for me ever. I had no idea how to color in specific areas since I didn't know about locking, or using the magic wand tool hahah... thank you so so much, I am incredibly grateful for this!!! :heart:
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good tutorial! but I was wondering how you got the lines to be so smooth and crisp? Was it just the use of a steady hand and years of practice? also the layer locking thing is a good idea, I didn't know you could do that in PS.
celesse's avatar
I'm afraid that part is basically just a learned skill. Keep practicing and you'll get better at making smoother, crisper lines.
Chimera-Fox's avatar
alright, thanks! Hoopefully I'm a fast learner :XD:
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One little problem... I never know where shadows fall. Help
PottersWheel's avatar
Shadows fall where there's not light :) Notice her under arms have less light so more shadow..underneath the front of her hood. Places where her boots might be creased... also under her chest where there's a little crinkle in her jacket... And some on the front bottom for extra art? lol..

think where is the light source in my picture.. where is the light going, and where isn't it going :) Image a real light, and where the light isn't.. those places need to be a bit darker.
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Thank you very much for the tutorial! I don't understand how you guys draw using the computer O_O with tablet or not. Nyoooo, I wanna be as good someday! :D You're work is AWE-SOME!
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THIS IS THE BEST EVER!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! I've always wanted to be able to do this kind of art and now I can! You're the best :)
Nemretsew's avatar
What are your pen settings D:
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