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My Little Pony Generations Comic Cover 1

It looks like this comic series has been announced so I can finally talk about it!

I did a series of MLP comic covers for IDW featuring the G1 and G4 ponies 💖 Here's the first issue with Twilight Sparkle and Twilight.
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briannacherrygarcia's avatar

Love seeing this, your style is perfect for them!

I so hope Megan and her sibling will be in it. It's just not the same without them.

VividSpark's avatar

Nice how you added subtle differences in the eye size as well as the horn and nose shape.

celesse's avatar

Thank you! I wanted them to blend together but also have unique features to their generations.

dbgirl's avatar

Aww so adorable!

Kat-Naps's avatar

Aww, it just needs Kimono. 💜 She was my favorite pony growing up (Gen 3, I think). Another smart, purple girl.

lady-cybercat's avatar

That looks so fantastic! I love it!

Tibby-san's avatar

OK! I'm gonna have to find this and read the daylights out of it~ :love:

RobinTheBard's avatar

That's so awesome:D :D Congratulations!

elr79655's avatar

I find it fitting to close out G4's comic line by having the Mane Six meet their G1 counterparts. Can't wait to read them!

purplelion12's avatar

very cute. I would love to see the crossover if it was a cartoon

TickledPinkOpossum's avatar

I just love the way you draw ponies! :heart: I will definitely need to pick these up!

DestinyDecade's avatar

I am looking forward to this. :)

yamaingn1's avatar

You're doing a comic? I can't wait!

celesse's avatar

Just the covers 😅

Starbat's avatar

Is this for an actual crossover story?

celesse's avatar

As far as I understand it, yes!

tora777's avatar

Oh my gosh, no way! This is awesome!

Man, if Megan's in the comics too, I will totally flip!

greek1237's avatar

wonder if Megan will be there.

Erix19's avatar

As someone (mostly manga-reader) whose American comics mainly consist of IDW's Godzilla: Rulers of Earth, Boom Studios' WWE Shield comics, the tie-in comics for Goji v Kong, and Winter Soldier-centric Marvel Comics...I may have to invest in this series.

Prismaticlysm's avatar

This makes me so excited ;; I grew up on G1 and I have MLP to thank to get me into drawing in the first place!

Your art is so adorable for this, I love how you merged your style with both generation styles.

Nostalgialover808's avatar

Ooh. Where can I find them?

celesse's avatar

I believe they'll be distributed to all comic shops, but I'm afraid I'm not entirely sure where to buy them.

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