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Inking Tutorial for Painter

Okay, since I get sooooo many people asking me how I do my line art I finally knuckled down and made a tutorial :P

This is for inking on the computer and, yes, you'll need a tablet to be able to do some of the techniques mentioned in it. I'm not sure how much this will help...being able to ink well is an aquired skill attained through lots and lots of practice. Just like all artwork, you won't be able to do something amazingly just because you read a tutorial on it XD But I hope it helps in some way.

Have fun, kiddos
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Really helpful thanks!!
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Best inking tutorial I have seen so far! :D Thanks for this! I'm getting more into inking with my work and I always wondered how I could get my lines to look like that :iconiseeplz:.
UntoldPromises's avatar
It was fun and easy to go with as well as being descriptive.
I love you <3
Awesome tutorial thank you. I use Manga Studio for my inking personally however this is a great help.
Tinybutt's avatar
this was a huge help thank you so much!! 
joker-rin's avatar
That was a tremendous help! Thank you very much for making / posting it! 
artReall's avatar
tnx 4 tutorial^^you are great teacher!XD
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This was a very helpful tutorial! That's actually one of my biggest problems is my lines being too flat so this really helped!
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thanks for the tutorial =D
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Thx! This was pretty helpful. My only problem is that my lines always come out a little squigly =S
ShimmeringRain's avatar
This is so helpful! Thank you! :meow: :meow: :heart:
Tiaseg's avatar
What numer of the Corel Painter do you use ? I use 12, but I can't get that normal nice inking...:(
celesse's avatar
I used to use Painter 6, but I don't use Painter anymore. Now I use Paint Tool SAI
Tiaseg's avatar
Arh okay :)
I am now using photoshop EL. 8.0, it is pretty good actually ^^ Do you have photoshop ?
celesse's avatar
Yes, I use Photoshop CS5 at the moment.
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That's a beautiful inking style! Wonderful character and pose as well!
Marcleine's avatar
You draw so awesome~ I was wondering why my clothes looked so bad.... I was inking all the lines! ^3^ They look better now.
Headphone4clock's avatar
great explanation, encouragement and drawing, andyour mousey person is so very adorable!
alesiunea's avatar
Thanks for the tuto
Heuring's avatar
I have a question. Do all tablets have pressure sensitiviy? I have a tablet and I can;t figure out how to make the lines not plain
celesse's avatar
They should, but not all programs have it. Perhaps the progam you are using doesn't have pressure sensitivity?
Heuring's avatar
I don't know. I use Paint Sai and I put it to a point where it had pressure sensitivity and it just didn't work. I don't know if it might be the tablet and I'm not sure on how to check to see if the pressure sensivity is on in the tablet
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Oh, Sai is notorious for having pressure issues. What usually fixes it is if you go into your control panel and open your tablet settings, then delete your tablet presets and reboot.
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