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Good-morning sunshine

By celesse
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Shameless tease picture done for a friend's birthday. The sunlight was somewhat difficult, yet fun and rewarding.

"Ew omg wtf this is just sick and wrong. It's an animal-dog-human-thing and it's half naked, how perverted."

There, now that that's been said, please don't comment with it. I understand there are those of you out there that don't like it, but you don't have to look at it, y'know? There are lots of other categories at DA.
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D'awww! It's cuuuuuute! 
Ios-BloodBlade's avatar
I love this pic... I have two characters like him and they're bothe in their twenties, though they have blue eyes.
fox64664's avatar
yOur introuble for sleeping for 3 year yong man no more food for you warning tes is a stuped comment 
Ios-BloodBlade's avatar
I've always loved this one, my mom didn't like it though.
NODOGAN's avatar
that is jsut heck of cute and i love the idea of having the ears on the side of the heat, it kidda stands out more than other canids who normally have them on the top of their head, bu that's just ma opinion XD
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Chazste's avatar
What a cutie! And I love the colors
Shirakei's avatar
Ew omg this is just sick and wrong.

Such big wrists,how perverted.Animal-god-human wrists!
Black-Wren's avatar
So cute! *Wants to stroke the tail.*
crxzyduck's avatar
my 'friend' told me she did this (she hgad to have traced it) and i was so proud ofit)nowim gonna have a few words with her
CastleOblivin's avatar
Man, I remember seeing this picture very loooooooooooong time ago and seeing it now, I'm like ' I could have it! :D'
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xMeganiumx's avatar
Looks like a bit like Growlithe and a bit of Kyukon too :'P
IceKnightArctica's avatar
Yeah, my mom hates this one so much, but I don't care. It's my laptop, I'll put what I want on it. And he's along the lines of what I like to see as a desktop background. I won't use him though. Just want you to know, this is my #1 Favorite Arcy Pic.
jon1305's avatar
Awesome! What is this from? Please send the link
celesse's avatar
It's an original character, he's not from anything
jon1305's avatar
:O no wai! Draw more Arcy! He pretty cool.
Shelby-San's avatar
OMG I lovvvvvvvvvves it!!!
Nicccccce job!!!!
CajesTheTabby's avatar
aaaw he's so cute >w< Is this Arcy as a growlithe or Arcanine?
celesse's avatar
He's not really either at this point ^^; I think he started as an Arcanine, but then I started drawing him more like a Growlithe, and now he's just... Arcy.
CajesTheTabby's avatar
hehe a lil mixture then x3 He's really cute though :3
Azenquor's avatar
some people put your image on this site: [link] calling it anthro arcanine
celesse's avatar
Thanks for letting me know!
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