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Delicious carbcats.

The Nyanpan plush is back and the Kickstarter has been a massive success! A fresh batch of the original carbcat has been funded, as well as new flavors like Sakura, Matcha, Red Bean and Taro!

There's also freebies for backers only so be sure to check out the Kickstarter here -…
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DTJB's avatar

Super cute.

daekazu's avatar

Oh my gosh, super adorable! ;]

NecrochildK's avatar

Omg! I only just now saw this. My Nyanpan is one of my favorites in my foodimals plushie collection! Definitely have to get the other flavors!

R0xazaloah's avatar

I've had one for a few years. It's very adorable and it brings happiness into my workspace :)

Roxalew's avatar

And super cute EEE! :D

ItzmiDeviant's avatar

cute. never wanna eat it. I'd rather keep it as a ornament.

dbgirl's avatar
Rose-Songstress's avatar

These are super adorable! Congrats on having all the stretch goals met already!!

purplelion12's avatar

So cute I want them

AsjJohnson's avatar

(stares) ...I wanna eat them.

Kelalin's avatar

Gosh. They're so cute. I want it. I need it.

Connan-Bell's avatar

Darn it! I want these, but I'm allergic to spending money!

(spends money anyway on really dumb stuff)

MarinaMoon's avatar

Oh my gosh. So cute. Your so talented.

DweebicusMaximus's avatar

I....want to smooch its soft little head.....

BrittyDee's avatar

Oooo the sakura one is really cute 😍

Yaoi-Huntress-Earth's avatar

I've already got one, but I will definitely support the kickstarter.

Sanji07's avatar

These are so adorable!

Prisnom's avatar

omg these are so cute ;; <3

EternalNexusWarrior's avatar
oh my gosh i want one it is so cute!
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