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Flying Cucco ATTACK

By celesse
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Painter doodle. Link © Nintendo and all that jazz.
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ArtySpartyGirl's avatar
The Cuccos remind me of Angry Birds :XD:!!!
shadowraiwolf09's avatar
It's fun unless you're the one being attacked. XP
Yasumiko's avatar
Very cool! good work! :D
Boy-Cry-Wolf's avatar
This looks like a parody of the eagle flying scene from Rescuers Down Under.
AllenWatson97's avatar
Link you idiot ....
Very good and excellent!
Yllamse's avatar
He just looks so happy with himself! Hahahaha! FAVED! :XD:
AliceFidelRAWR's avatar
LINK!!! That's prolly what (Saria?) is thinking/saying right now! xD
SJplz's avatar
CAESCHEcartoons's avatar
this is far better than any official zelda instruction booklet art i've ever seen. well done.
MoonLiger's avatar
Ah, this definitely brings back amusing memories of smacking the cuccos around with a sword and then getting chased by them in the old Zelda games :rofl: I like the perspective on this picture, it really gives the impression like Link is about to land on that poor cucco. The startled and bug-eyed looks on the cuccos is quite amusing too, as is the big mischevious grin on Link. Great work! :clap:
99rupees's avatar
lmao his face is adorable<3
VeronaEspada's avatar
This certainly is a cute way to look at it~ ...However, I'm just angry at myself that I can't enjoy this as much as I normally would...
Rufek's avatar
The Zelda games are amazing. My childhood fav game series :meow: Nice work :)
Rubeah's avatar
Lol! Man that cucco looks mad!
zeldanatico's avatar
jajajaj... muy bueno de verdad
solidscorpion69's avatar
KentaRaikiri's avatar
Kenta: BANZAI! I loved using those cuccos....THEY WERE SO MUCH FUN!

Hated it when they attacked me though....
The-four-writers's avatar
looks real cool and malons probaly thinking "what is that idiot doing?!"
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