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BPelt's Multifill and Flatten Pro Tutorial

My friend reminded me that I still haven't uploaded this here, so I thought I'd toss it up for my DA anniversary :D

BPelt’s Multifill and Flatten Pro tools can automatically add flat colors to your illustration with but a few clicks.

I whipped this up a while back because I’ve tried to share this tool with several artists and most of them don’t seem to comprehend how awesome it is. Seriously, it’s really awesome. Especially if you’re paying people to flat stuff for you.

Of course, there are ways to make these tools most effective, so I’ve detailed what I’ve learned so far. I hope this helps!

You can get Multifill and/or Flatten Pro here!

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Thanks for sharing this! I hate flatting my pages. I gotta try this :D
KierstenViolette's avatar
Thanks! That is a really neat way to do flats! I'll have to check them out for sure! i could see how much time that would save!
Teremiao's avatar
Very interesting, thanks for the tip! :D
jactinglim's avatar
wow this is great!
StardustLuna's avatar
Definitely a time saver.
artReall's avatar
hm, this interesting! wish we have that for GIMP or Sai!x,x ;))
Holly--Jolly's avatar
This is interesting! Curses for not having Photoshop though! I run Clip Studio and while the fill tool and reference layer options are amazing, it doesn't have anything like this (that I know of since it's a treasure trove of stuff).
snaphound's avatar
i'm confused, how is it helpful to have all the different sections as different colours, if it's all on the same layer??
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It's easy enough to use the magic wand to select areas and copy/paste them to a new layer if you need/want them separated.

You can also make sure to keep the inks for different things separate from the start (all of the inks in my example were on a single layer) and run the filter multiple times to get different levels flatted separately.
snaphound's avatar
hm, ok... i think it's easier for me to just do it how i've been doing so far n_n;
Wamp-crasH's avatar
Awww, sad to hear these are just plug ins for Photoshop ;; would have loved to use it in Clip Studio Paint! still, this was very interesting! Thanks for sharing!
Nestly's avatar
Ohmygooooooosh this looks fantastic! I need this in my life. Literally the thing I HATE about doing full colored images is the flats.

I am having trouble however, getting this to appear as a filter in my Photoshop. I've extracted the files and added them to the Plug-ins folder. But nothing appears in the filter gallery.
I'm not sure anyone else is having trouble getting this to work, but wondering if you had any suggestions? REALLY would love to make use of this tool!
celesse's avatar
Did you put it in the correct program folder? If you're on Windows 64 bit there's actually two versions of the program installed and you have to put it in the one you're using.

You also need to close the program and re-open it if you installed it while it was open.

Other than that, I'm not sure, but don't be afraid to contact BPelt for help :)
Nestly's avatar
Yeah pretty sure it's where it's supposed to be. Downloaded the correct folder for PS6 on 64 bit Windows.

Plugins PS by Nestly

But still not appearing in the filters section. Even restarted my computer.
I'll have to contact BPelt for sure. Really wanna give this a try.
Art2Key's avatar
Did you find how to make it work? because I have the exact same problem :(
celesse's avatar
Yeah, I'm afraid I'm not sure what the problem is then. Go ahead and contact Bpelt!
DarknessOnly13's avatar
Whaaat?! This is amazing, omg. I just downloaded it and I'm already in love with it. Thanks for sharing!
celesse's avatar
No prob! Have fun :D
gunhorse's avatar
thank you for uploading this! I know I've seen it before and for the life if me was trying to remember what these tools were called/where I'd heard of them. a friend if mine is tackling a graphic novel this year and I wanted to rec them to her since she was talking about getting others to flat for her.

thanks for pointing these out celesse!
celesse's avatar
It's a huuuuge help, especially with comics! It saves me untold hours and I love it.
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