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Published: August 28, 2008
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Heh sorry about making another stamp. It always feels like I'm copping out of doing real work. I'm drawing, I promise! Just mostly for classes now, which steals from my casual drawing time.

Anyway, this is based on something art teachers have always said to me. "Art is 1% talent and 99% hard work".

I was partially inspired by reading some comments for Deviantart contests. Regardless of who won, there will always be some sort of comment saying "But I worked so HARD on mine." As if the winners, and every single other person who entered didn't. I am 100% confident that every single fantastic artist on deviant art (or elsewhere) puts a lot of hard work into their art. Nobody pops out of their mother, suddenly capable of drawing fantastic images (and if you did pop out of your mom like that, let me know).

Yes, some people might have a natural aptitude for figuring out how colors work well together, or how the human body looks, but talent without effort is worth nothing. It takes time, effort, blood, and tears to improve.

So this is for all of those artists who don't get the respect they deserve because people assume they were just given the ability by someone else. And it is for all of the artists who look at people who draw better than they do, and say "oh, I wish I could draw that well." You can, and you can draw better than that, you just have to have the drive and the passion.


Anyway, hope you all like it. Hope I don't offend anyone, I wasn't meaning to. Just kind of reiterating things art professors have said to me that have inspired me in hopes of inspiring others. And everyone keep up the good work on their art. =D

EDIT: Holy crap, never in a million years did I think I'd get a Daily Deviation on anything, then I wake up on a rainy and dreary morning to find this. I'm honored. Thank you everyone. :)

EDIT 2: Holy crap guys, I'm so honored by the amount of responses. For those of you who agree and were inspired by this, I'm glad that I was able to make something that meant something to someone. For those who don't agree, thank you for taking the time to look (and comment?) anyway. :) I'm always willing to listen to other opinions, after all, that's how you learn how to make your own opinions on your beliefs about something. /babble babble.

Anyway! For those of you who don't have subs who want to use this stamp anyway :iconerisama: was kind enough to make a plz version, so here you go!
So if you like it, be sure to thank :iconerisama: for the plz versions. :)

EDIT AGAIN: I just want to say another big thank you to everyone that liked it. Normally I like to try and go and respond to more messages than I did, and thank people for favorites, but I was totally blown away by the amount I got. (over 1,500 in one day) and I can't really sit at my computer all day and respond to people so... please know that I really appreciate every single favorite and comment and everything guys. <3
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ForcedlactationloverHobbyist Writer
Although he phrased it slightly differently, Edison would agree. 
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If I ever get good at something.... this would be it
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Actually, most of the quality of art comes from talent. People don't like to admit it, but this is more realistically the other way around.
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Mrs-OniriaHobbyist Digital Artist
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BloodRedWishesHobbyist General Artist
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Purplecloud101Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It should be 100/100. Higher percentages exist
MisterPugly's avatar
MisterPuglyHobbyist General Artist
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Absolute-CringeStudent Artist
So true! xD im am using this!
Cupcake-Angels's avatar
Cupcake-AngelsStudent General Artist
amazing used
MidnightWaifuWaffles's avatar
MidnightWaifuWafflesStudent Digital Artist
Using and this is so true when it comes to my art x'D
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LeshineHobbyist Digital Artist
XD this is so true 
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Funny-artsHobbyist General Artist
Using! Thanks ^^
NinjaWoodpeckers91's avatar
NinjaWoodpeckers91Hobbyist Digital Artist
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OnlyWithAMouseHobbyist General Artist
using! this is so true
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ToxicPhantomSanStudent Digital Artist
I actually have 3 art styles instead of one. XD
But, either way gonna use this stamp on my profile. ;)
Law-lie's avatar
Using! And so true... 
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Mi1kywayGa1axyHobbyist Traditional Artist
All of my art = 0% talent 100% Draw and redraw until it isn't shit
IgneousRockCake's avatar
IgneousRockCakeHobbyist Digital Artist
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iiMysticRobotWolfStudent Traditional Artist
I know that feeling. xD
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shunokiiProfessional General Artist
AAAHAHA X'D oh man
i must be the laziest artist ever
but like
seriously i dont think that without more then at least 1% of natural talent i wouldnt have been able to get where i am now
i didnt practice 
i stopped for years and then picked up drawing again

so idk about this stamp!
i mean it probably relates to most people but

hard work? i dont think i worked hard at all o.O i could have probably been a lot better then what i am right now if i actually TRIED for once in my life

but i dont really care xD
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me all the way with artLuffy Anime Emoji (Cry) [V4] Kao Emoji-43(Sad waving) [V3] 
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Jcyapha Digital Artist
I was actually kind of born drawing naturally and have a natural talent. I drew trees and plants at a few weeks old. Heck I never drew ocean surface before and the first time I crew one, it was instantly good, quoted by my friend Jenny. Not to toot my own hon or anything People are good at different things and aren't. (Why I have no idea how to fix a car or manage a bank as a manager and others are experts at the subject.)

But while I agree hard work is important and so is talent, I believe art requires 1/3 hard work, 1/3 talent and 1/3 inspiration/motivation/passion.

Without talent, natural or developed, you don't know how work anything out. Without work, that talent is useless. Without motivation and passion, you're just doing strenuous work for no reason as you simply don't want/like to draw. It takes all three to make a balanced equation to make art.

Hard Work + Talent + Passion/Motivation = Art

Just my two cents on the matter. :)
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i need like the reversed version of this 
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