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The Ordo Hereticus

Spent too much time on this one

can't come up with a background story for this one..
an inquisitor's initation rites perhaps?

i'm open for comissions now.. msg me for details

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Buy? You can't be serious!!!

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You don't have to buy it

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"Welcome to the Ordo Hereticus, Sister Temperance."

This is excellent work. Wonderful detail.

Also, as an aside... this is one of my favorite 40k images EVER.
I see this is more of an initiation into the Sisters of Battle, or perhaps a ceremony in a worship service to the Emperor.  I love your work fellow servant of the Golden Throne!
Initiation into the sisters of battle.
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Really lovely image
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To be honest, this scene feels sad to me. The woman is, essentially, about to lose her last shred of free will.
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What free will?
The one that get birth from desire or the one that got birth from destiny?

Oh i see, that wasn't meant to be thought over.

But yes..sad it certainly is!
I can see how someone would view it like that.  Personally, I view it more as a promotion ceremony or worship ceremony. 
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Yes me too.
Many just confuse the lack of destiny with freedom.
Even a supposedly "free" human will always be susceptible to breathing, feeding and the many other burdens or desires that form humankind. 
If someone is really honest then free will appear an illusion either way.
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Nice style on this one, I love the hollow centre point of the picture, with nothing in the middle you are looking all around the picture trying to determine the main reference point. Good balance, and great composition. Thank-you.
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The Sororitas are wonderful and Elegant. Even with their holy rituals.
Wonderful work
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is that Adrastia froom retribution?
i think not, Adrastia is a inquisitor. This is adepta sororitas
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i thought it was her when she <<baptized>>into the inqusition.
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i saw this on pintrest, so glad some searching brought me here, I will be buying a print of this within the year, this is amazing
This makes me feel funny in the naughty place
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Wow this is very impressive!
Only ONE question: Would she be a little afraid of burning her hair or?
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In grim dark of future, hair are non-flammable! 
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