Night in the Gardens

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AN - It’s real short not so good at writing actual descriptive stories, and I couldn’t save it in the picture description

Butterfly Gardens, 757 a.m, at 3 in the morning

It was a late moist night from the earlier day’s rain, and Lumia, only in her bed wear, managed to escape into the Royal Butterfly Gardens, where her lover waited.

His name was Francis Olive, a explorer of the many dimensions and a good friend to her mother, the Queen Celena. That’s how they met, when he came back from his many trips to bring back gifts for her mother, in a way to convince her to fund his trips and crew.

And one time, when it was her 14th birthday, Francis had gifted her a lovely yet rare flower, one that had longevity once picked.

Even now when she walks through the maze of flowers, she still held the flower close, the most prized possession of hers. Since then, she’s always harbored feelings for the man, even if he was a lowborn.

And he returned her feelings almost a year ago, just before he left once again for his trips. He had promised her that he would be back for her, and kept that. Thought, they know well that they could never be together, after all, the nobles would shame her as a moth, and her mother too.

“I never cared for them,” Lumia thought as she finally made it to the secret place of their many visits together, where Francis sat at a bench, holding a metal candle cup.

She happily ran to him, which he saw from the sound of her wet flats on, he smiled and stood up, “Candle Light!” - It was a nickname he had given her after the one time she gifted him one of the gold candles used in the castle, as a joke gift.

Lumia slowed down her running and just grabbed and Francis’ arms, who then kisses the top of her head, “why do you keep calling me that?” She asked as if annoyed, but a smile formed again. Francis only kisses her again, but it was on her lips.
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What happened to him?

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oof my hearts hurts...

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Ah, what a tragedy UuU