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The Ancient Mewnian Moth

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Old one, painted by an unknown during the Reign of Urania, shows an illustrated portrait of one of the many mewnian slaves that ran to the current continent from the old one.

There are record books of the people who were on the ships; those who died on the way, who died during the first winter and those who lived. But what was worrisome was that those people were lying of their identities, especally those who were part of the enslavment of the current mewnians. So, any attempts to figure out their lineage were frustraiting and fruitless, including this woman, only known as "Moe".

She was only known in the book as a "upper class moth with poor health", and she was thought to only live for only a month. But she lived, integrating into the commoner folk.

"Moe" and her Design Belongs to Me
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Oof, poor thing, probably just wants to give birth in peace and this person just making a creepy portrait of her

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This was painted decades after Moe’s death, and the artist used the record books that had her physical description (and the description of the other settlers)

But yes, if this was done during her life, Moe would outright refuse to do it in the first place, threatening them with a weaving needle
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I think he took artistic liberties xD

Yeah, she already has to deal with a lotta bullshit before 20 UwU

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He did, but ironically, Urania didn’t like this particular portrait, having it put away (and why it looks so...crappy)

The thought of her chasing people with a large needle is kinda funny XD
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Well, I guess theres always fashion Moe xD

Apparently she was between 14 and 20, so I'm imagining her really tiny xD

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Wow, it looks great! The sepia tone fulfilled it with an eerie vibe OwO
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Thank you, I’m happy you approve!

And it really did, I didn’t like the color one at all, (it looked ugly and tacky)

And you know, baring a cursed child does seem eerie :)
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Welcome ^^

I wise choice :nod:

Indeed :)
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that actually gave me a bit of chills between the old photo effect and the sad but realistic story...

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I like it OwO!!! The colour palette makes it much more mysterious and intresting, like is a scary paint/ from a horror movie (which maybe can be tied with the first settlers, you know, the stump(?)

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Yay! I’m glad that you do! :)

It was supposed to be colored, but I hated how it turned out, so I just made it a single color. And to make look depressing

The stump was not so kind that winter, but luckily, Moe lived
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XD Yeah, with all your wip's, suddenly it's monochromatic XD You nail the "depressing" part ;)

Lucky, otherwise the universe will be far different

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