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Having fairy wings were not so easy, especially being the new Queen of a newborn dynasty. Rarely since her mewberty at 15 years old, would she use her wings, especially when her subjects thought she was an reincarnation of the Goddess, that personally made her uncomfortable, and it only reminded her about the Emperors of the Old Empire and the words of her grandmother.

And the events of her mewberty were not so well recorded, due to the Great Firefly Library Fire that occurred nearly two centuries later. But from what we know, it happened in the middle of the day, the “shedding” would happen when she and her then-lover Falcon were in a “intimate moment”.

Suddenly, the shedding came, and Urania thought she was dying, screaming so loud that it alerted her generals who came in running into the tent they were in. This led to a short awkward moment before they noticed their “Queen” in her state. And this only worsen her symptoms, especially with Falcon and the other male generals so close to her.

Luckily, the smart one out all of them, General Hawthorn noticed the sudden change when any “boy” got near her. He tried to make the others leave, but it was too late, as Urania got suddenly quiet in the pile of “yellow tissue butterflies”. The next few hours were written in a broken journal, which can be read below;

“ At first, everyone thought she had just passed out from the stress, but we just didn’t know that a monstrous form await us. I knew it was too late once an glowing arm grabbed at Frank’s arm.

Frank screamed that “it was too hot”, and Thalassa tried to help him, but soon, his arm was getting covered with this orange goop of the yellow tissues. Soon, Jordan was nearly covered by it when we saw Urania arise from the pile.

Or, at least what we thought was Urania. She was bright, almost like the sun. She almost reminded me of Goddess. She only had her bedgown, but I could see two more sets of arms, her body completely bright yellow. Her hair was also twisted into two golden braids, like butterfly antennae. Crystal screamed for the rest of us to run, and we somehow did with more tissue and the goop stuck on us.

But it wasn’t the end when the tent fell onto itself, as the “Butterfly Urania” flew out, her wings were completely golden and large. She headed towards the village, while she screamed “boy”. While Frank was left behind in some orange cocoon, it nearly required all of us [The Five Generals] to cut him out.

He was speechless when he was out, all he could say was “I thought I had fuckin’ died...where’s Urania...?” As he picked at the tissues on his face.”

- General Hawthorn, 5-4 b.M?

And for the next hour, they had to break village boys and men from the cocoons Urania had incase them in, and it was only when Falcon “sacrificed” himself to her, where she would incase him also and flew away into the woods, to a cave to be exact.

It would be almost a whole day before Urania and Falcon returned to the camp, where she was wearing his shirt to cover herself, and Falcon covered in marks and had a single black eye. They only thing they had said to explain their disappearance (mostly Falcon) was

“Urania was in a cave, building nests and she wanted eggs”.
- General Falcon, 5-4 b.M?

Falcon ended up getting another bruise on his jaw from her. But the incident had given birth to Urania’s title as “Queen Butterfly”, which she would later embrace at the end of Mewnipendence.

scars on her body are from war, and too many times had she almost die, especially when a spear from a monster almost pierced her heart (its only deep damage tissue)

and her fingers are burns from her first using the magic crystal on her wand, and they only faded over time, never leaving her

personal note : ...i felt embarrassed trying to fix her boobs and legs (they look crooked in the earlier sketches) and at times, i tried to hide it all Sweating a little...

Edits : 12-20-2020
added a few things from the canon story line of Urania having her mewberty in a cave, (it’s more like where it ended OwO)

Urania Butterfly Belongs to jgss0109 
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First Magical Girl Mewberty EVER!!! (GOES WRONG) (GOES SEXUAL) (WE ALMOST DIE)

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I like this better than the "she hid herself in a cave" from Jon xD

I think it's a good practice UuU

(Tho they probably would think she was a monster)

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I didn’t even knew that, i had to make it up but I wanted it to be comedic and chaotic (like Star’s mewberty)


At first, some mewnians did, but it wasn’t long before a monster raid happened on that same village, and Urania used her butterfly form to defend them. The religious ones thought she was Goddess herself, others were happy and called her Queen Butterfly

The monster look didn’t last long,
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It don't hurt to ask him some things xD

Legs ouo

That's probably why she hid in a cave tho, it would be hypocritical to see her like that, ya know? UwU

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Nooo, I don’t want to bother him, so I just research through the comments to try to find the information 😅

...the fresco one will be filled with legs OwO

It was more a last resort to use her form, but yes, it does sound hypocritical
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I ask him stuff all the time \(XD)/

He's a nice guy tho )3

Ooooh 6w6

And anything else? 6w6

Can't have your general against monsters turn into one

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Awesome story :clap:

And awesome drawing as well ^^
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Thanks, I just couldn’t help but to think that her mewberty was probably comedic, especially with Falcon

Yay, thank you! :3
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Agreed ^^

Welcome :)
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wow amazing ^^

and hope you got my message about Diurna

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Thank you! :3

If course, and I’m currently trying to write an short story about Titus in the updated description of Diurna, the title as of now is “The Cult of Diurna” :)
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That's a sweet title, isn't it? xD

(Good to say her fate is extra sad, and extra dead and extra young x'3)

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wow interesting if you need any more information, just message me ^^

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The untold stories of the Queens that even the Codex forgot, neat!

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