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Youngest child of Galaxia Butterfly and Condor Redbird, younger brother of Venus and Minguanta Butterfly, Husband of Sequoia Forest and Uncle of Helia Butterfly

Born in 341 a.m with the colors of his father, though he ended up more like his mother in his youth. A nervous and anxious boy, who was deeply sheltered by his royal status and parents (because of his sister's promiscuity and so on). So, he never really had many friends, only of his sister Minguanta and Lady Sequoia.

But in his lonesome, he grew a great talent of drawing and painting, which gain him attention in court by age 17. One of his well known works of art happened to include his sister, called "The Birth of Venus". But before he gain his fame, he was mostly ignored in the Royal Court, spending time with his parents and only two friends.

But when came the deaths of his father and mother, he and Ming were forced into the eyes of the courts, which changed so much that they kept to themselves. Yet, they both only made friends with those who didn't indulge in the sins of lust, and Planet's own happened to be Lady Sequoia.

Both were artists, and Planet spent most of his time with her (but not enough to rid of his anxiety), that they helped eachother better themselves. Though Sequoia's art is not so well known, she did include her help in Planet's own pieces. And with this partnership, they grew close until Planet proposed to Sequoia at her many years later. But this was not easy because of scandals that plauged his life.

The well-hidden sexual assult of Swan Redbird to him while trying to paint her a personal self-portrait, where his cousin tried to force herself onto him while in private. He would write in his diary that she first started to give him a "back message" for sitting in his chair for two hours. "to loosen him up" was her excuse, but it didn't make it any less uncomfortable, as he was well-aware of her follies.

"I just knew what she was doing when she kept trying to take my shirt off, I was really hoping it was nothing. I mean, Venus was less handsey then her. But, I didn't want to cause trouble, I really didn't. But it was clear Swan didn't care at all. So I had to get away from her.

So, I just pushed her off and made a run for it, and when I did, I heard the paint jars break. I knew I ruined the painting, but at that moment, I didn't care.

I managed to get to Ming's room, she just happened to be in there with Sequoia. They were confused why I locked the door, and I told them when I knew Swan left. Sequoia wanted to tell Venus, but I just couldn't, and Ming knew too it could cause more trouble. Afterall, our family hasn't really been the same since Mom and Dad died. I just couldn't risk it.

Sequoia since then wasn't so friendly with Swan, and...I couldn't really blame her. But she and Ming both promised to keep it secret. But honestly, I hope I can tell Ven one day."

- Planet Butterfly 359 a.m


I tried to add more details to the last time I did anything that included Planet,
Above is middle aged Planet, 30 years old or more.

The freckles plauged the Butterflies for few generations since Osmund XD
it only appeared in Planet, Swan and Ming's children, with Meteora being the last one until generations later (she would get them when she was either sunburned or too hot)

And the thing about Planet, his hair would darken in winter and lighten in spring. Pretty much the only thing similar he had with Venus, and the nose that he and Ming share with their father =P (Razz) 

Planet Butterfly Belongs to jgss0109 
His design Belongs to Me
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can i genderbend this desing? OwO

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Of course! I only ask that you credit me ☺️
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PROTECT THE PEANUT BUTTER! *hisses aggressively at Swan*

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“Our Precious Peanut Butter” - Sequoia

Swan can burn 😌
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Or better roast.Butttt I did heard eating swan had a terrible taste in the mouth hehehe

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XD Ha, that makes sense!
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wow amazing ^^

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"I hope I can tell Ven one day" and then he didn't lol

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He was scared that she’ll be mad at him,

(and especially since the years get worse after that, and her eventual rape caused him to remain forever silent)
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you reffer to Venus' rape? oof yeah, that was a thing ):

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He's just perfect, omg OuO

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Thank you, ain’t he so adorable? :3
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You're welcome, and totally UuU

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Nice story! And having in mind that Swan forced her brothers to incest, I think that she think her cousin will be "an easy catch", hopefully that make her low her guard/efforts and gave him the chance to escape. Sequoia and Ming being bff's is something I strongly agree <3

Also, dude just get the best of her parents, the hairstyle of his mama and the hair of his papa, with a bit of colour-change like his sis X3

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She was getting reckless and Planet was incredibly tall and large so...it was real easy to escape, especially when the art room was a mess

Sequoia was not so lewd unlike the other lords, and Volans joined the group once he and Ming got together,

A perfect blend of his family :3
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... Ok for some reason I picture him kinda slim XD yet I forgot her's suppose to be as tall as Venus

"The club of the Pure Ladies." Members: Minguanta "The Bland" and Sequoia Forest. Always acepting new members.

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Ohh, yeah, I meant to say that, (is that, he’s unusually built because of the Redbird genes :) )

That’s a mighty good idea! Imma draw it!
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