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Lady-In-Waiting Ariel Waterson

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-Story Pending-

She is wearing the uniforms she and the other ladies had to wear around Luna, which was chosen by Lady Rose Flowers, as to not "overshadow" Luna and make her "more radiant" compared to them.

She and Ebony wear black ones, Poppy and Peony wear white ones and Marie and Bella wore grey ones. But they did get to wear bows or earrings of their house colors.

As girls, they didn't care much about them

The monotonous dresses were inspired by how Queen Elizabeth I would have her own ladies in waiting wear black and white, so she would look more extravagant with the types of makeup and clothes she would wear

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why am I getting freaking Splatoon vibes xD

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Maybe her hair..? I think they usually have really “blobby” and paint like hair? But I can see it
There more of tentacles that are blobby and multi colored I guess. I can see the resemblance kinda now.
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Loved her, she looks pretrt :D
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That mole makes her more adorable-

Nice job with her!

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I knew that it would work on her~
Thank you! Marie, Bella, Peony and Poppy will be next :)
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In that order? OwÔ

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Personally, I find her adorable~

Btw, if you need her Clifford family, I got it UuU

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She really was, is that she couldn’t be prettier then the Queen herself,
Yes please, that would be a great help :)
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I think she'll grow into her beauty UuU

She was married to King George II Clifford, and they just had one daughter, Maria

He was the brother of Peter, that creepy boy that was stalking Luna at the Plague Tragedy, he died there, so he was the heir UwU

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She will, and she did, (I might do her adult self and the others another time,)

Maybe a mention of her and her family? It depends

Ahh, freaky Peter...I do have some plans for him,
It’s more of a personal head canon,

But thank you for helping me out, I appreciate it ❤️
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Oh, maybe a royal portrait as she was a queen ouo

Her dad is Gulf "Seaweed Brain" Waterson, and Roselynd Flamel, she is actually Marie's cousin!

Oh gosh, good he died, I suppose? XD

CeleJellyHorns17's avatar
That, that could be possible,

XD can’t imagine the teasing she got for having a father named “Seaweed Brain” Waterson
Ohhhh, That’s definitely going to help with Marie’s portrait

Short answer, yes, yes he does :)
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A good adult portrait of her, maybe with George, or Maria *Shrug* o3o

He was really dumb, to be fair xD

And of course, her brother Rhone UuU

I headcanon they have same yellow eyes UwU

Yaaaay even tho he was still a lil kid so...child death-

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