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Elven Armour

By Celefindel
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My selfdesigned elvish armour made of leather. Front side left, right side right, sidewards beneath. The black bands on the shoulders on the front side will be replaced by rivets.
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© 2006 - 2021 Celefindel
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I love the lines of this. Very artistic!
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I love the lines of this. Very artistic!
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Thank you very much! :)
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How are the bands connected at the shoulders?
I can see two rivets on each side at the back and knots at the front, but the middle bands of each side seem unattached at both the front and back.

And would it be ok if i used this design for my own armour?
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You can see right. The middle bands are not attached at all because the three bands on each side are one at the upper end. The bands are like three fingers on a hand, the last ~10 cm are just carved.

I would be honourd if you'd use my design! Please just mention me for it :)
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Oh, they're carved? To do that and not cut clean through the leather sounds pretty fiddly to pull off.
And thank you for permission to use your armour's design. ^^
I admit, that it won't be an exact copy, due to having different leather from what you've used. (Mine's dark green and mostly thin)
But I'll be sure to mention you when it's done, and I'll try to remember to link it to you. :)
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Yes, they're carved. The leather is thick enough that carving was no problem.
I wish you luck for your work and am looking forward for your link! :)
Is there anyway i could get a pattern for this piece from you? I am a member of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) basically medieval reinactment, but we actually do full contact combat. I have been looking for a pattern for leather body armour for a while now, and keep finding the usual roman muscled breast plate, which is a lot more difficult in leather than it looks....This on the other hand, looks fairly simple, yet elegant (absolutelty perfect elvish style :D), and if boiled, and waxed, would do just fine for my combat needs :)
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I am sorry, I have no pattern left of it, I didn't draw it on something. But I can say such armour is very easy to build! Simply try it :) I only would prefer if you use exactly this design to mention me for it.
Thank you anyway for the compliment :)
If i end up creating this piece, or a variation thereof, i will absolutely mention where it came from. :) Your work is fabulous by the way :D
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Thank you very much! :hug:
is there any way you would be able to send me pics of the inside of this piece if i give you my e-mail address?
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I can send you a picture of the pieces now^^ Yesterday I made a very similar pattern for I get it in metal. The leather armour itself was sold last year. But anyway it looks inside quite like outside. Could you write me a note with your e-mail adress please?
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Good looking stuff, that. Any plans for dyes, or are you going to keep the "natural" look?
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Thank you!
No, the colours are great and because of them I chose exactly this leather. I don`t like unnatural dyes either. Darker it gets itself in time too *g*
And it is for long now not mine anymore ;)
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That's epic! Perfect elf style.

I'm doing some work with elves currently. Would you mind if I used this as a basis for their armour design? I'd be sure to credit you of course.
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Thanks very much :)
No, you could use it of course with credits, I would be glad to inspire others :)
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No problem, and thank you!
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wow thats amazing love how simple it is adds to the authenticity of the elf style
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Thank you very much :)
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WOW! Thats amazing! How did you do that?
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stumble upon
Wow, good on ya, that is some great weaving, and it looks like a fairly close fit which can be a problem when figuring cuts, did you use a sewing dummy or did you do this off your own.
Again, Nice job!
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Thank you :)
I can guarantee that every handle was done by my own :) Here [link] you can see the finished work and how it fits now. In fact my breasts should not grow anymore to fit in^^
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