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Kaze-Hime's Krona n Fox Rain

@ w @; ...OTL I sucketh, but sadly, its what I get for procrastinating.

...oh noooes. Dont look at the bg! Pretend it's not there! > > Those who are familiar my work should know by now....; A ; Me </3 BG.

Uhh. Hmm. Pink Hair = Fox-Rain, even if you cant see her foxy ears, its there! I swears! [yes. A girl. Shhhh]

Orange hair = Krona. The Fox Prince.

Characters both belong to =Kaze-Hime

....I gave up on the prize a long time ago. But I swore to enter so here it is.
Photoshop CS2

PS. I'm not even supposed to be online. But when I get determined...heh..So yeah, I'll probably sneak on later again...but just in case I fail[and die], I'll be back uh..a few weeks later..or something. xD;

[edit] Uh. Just in case you guys didnt know...Kaze-Hime is having a contest ..and it ends in a few days. So yar. > >
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tenko72's avatar
So pretty and cool looking too! I like how clean and bright this looks. I like the vibrant coloring on this and how Rain's weapon appears in the BG like that.
cursednova's avatar
lovely colouring and lines! great job!
Celectis's avatar
> w < Thankyou! <3
ToxicQuiddity's avatar
I love your style of CGing and your lines, all so beautiful ^__^
pichu4850's avatar
ee they are cool :> I love these bright colors and their noses are really cute... XD love the hair and the shading and the background is pretty too.
Waefaerie's avatar
That is absolutely gorgeous! I love the look they have on their faces!
kittytsukasa's avatar
What a pretty picture. I love the background, and the sweetness of the overall picture. The colors look so smooth and nice.
Tini-chan's avatar
incredible! the two characters look so good. it reminds me of the Kingdom Hearts style. i love it!
affectation's avatar
The way you build up the colors here is really lovely, especially with all the purples and oranges and reds. And I like the shading on the blond character's ears a lot, it looks really good. ^_^
vilvarin's avatar
i think its really pretty :D
ambaaah's avatar
I saw this in the contest. It's soo pretty!
Good job. :D
skinfling's avatar
I really like the way you're coloring with solids recently! :o Very, very cool~ ^w^ :heart:
skinfling's avatar
Hey, whatever works XD And really, the better you get, the less time and effort your art should take! :o
Celectis's avatar
XD <3 Thanks! ...Sadly, the reason for that is because it takes less time and effort...> >;
kimchii's avatar
:heart:!! good luck with the contest, im sure you'll be a VERY STRONG competitor :D :D !!
Celectis's avatar
@ w @ <3 Aww thanks! And yeah, ha ha. This is my coloring style for when I feel lazy..which is you'll probably see more of my stuff in this style from now on. XD <3
SnakeyHoHo's avatar
*blinded by beauty* At least your procastination didn't lead you to.... not entering at all. XD (Like me ._.||| *shame*) They both look so cute!! X3 *wants to touch fluffy part of Krona's clothes* D: This pic has such an optimistic feel to it too :heart:
Celectis's avatar
> w < Awww. ..I actually thought about not doing it..but then..yeah...Krona's fluff called out to me. [ha ha. Loves the fluffy stuff]

XD Does it? Well, Fox-Rain does have a happy lift to her lips but..Krona looks..drugged? xD <3
Kiraiku's avatar
OMMMGGGWTTTFFF!!!!! THEY LOOK LIKE.................... :jawdrop: ::has no words to describe this amazing picture:: i love ittttt!!!!!!!!!!!! :love:
Celectis's avatar
>//////< Thankyouuu! <3
naseu's avatar
Its so pretty...
omfg, we have even less a chance of winning anything now XD

Celectis's avatar
XD ah, so do I? I mean, there are so many GOOD entries..with..GOOD bgs. I ..feel so lame. xD
naseu's avatar
The background is purdy 0.0

Starlight-Usagi's avatar
Eeeeee! That's so pretty!!!! TuT :heart: :heart:
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