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Cause' I've Got Hope

By Celebrati0ns
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I Don't Know Why
I Don't Know Why 
I Cannot Stop
This Feeling Inside
No Matter How Bad All This Gets 
I can't Stop This Voice In My Head 
The Voice In My Head Says;
We Gonna Be Alright! 
We're Gonna Be Alright!
So what have I been doing to stay positive? Using electronics lol! also going out to my garden and relaxing, often looking at the sunset (lmao no that is not my garden in the drawing) Just... being outside (in the garden or on the roof) is relaxing, especially with a cup of tea, and a phone wouldn't hurt.

Just take this time off to slow down for a change, take all the free time to look at how much you've missed, even in the walls of your own home. Tell those who you love just how much you love them, and share your story with them.
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This is really really nice. I wish Deviantart had a better image quality, or at least better zooming in capabilites, so i could look at the details more.

Her hair is amazing especially, the lighting on it looks great.

The trees are so puffy and well done.

basically every detail looks precise and intentional, and i like it. It flows well.

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Thanks! And it's drawn on a pretty small canvas on purpose cause it's easier to draw and finish that way.

And I maaaaaaayyyy have tried to draw myself XD though it's a far-cry, I have wayyyy frizzier hair than that.

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I can tell it's a smaller canvas, but i think it benefits the drawing, especially on the trees. Mostly i just meant that Deviantart has 2 options for viewing: relatively small canvas on the webpage or zoomed in. They could stand to make the page fit the artwork more instead of crowding the side of the canvas with related content they want you to click on. (Theater view is no better, just adds blackness on either side)

So even if the canvas is very large it still doesn't look as good as it could due to the viewing format of the website.

Not to mention the zooming in function is ridiculous lol, it only has 2 options..

Of course that's all just my opinion.

I kind of thought so, as it resembles your other self portrait. Whether it has a resemblance to you or not i don't know, but it objectively looks good either way.

Besides, in art, i think we're all biased against ourselves, usually more so than anyone else. Especially if it's a self portrait lol. So don't be too hard on yourself.

(i may or may not have drawn myself before, but no one will ever know because i uncreatively title all of them "girl" :D)

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Yeah I agree, zoom features need editing

Thaaaaanks! And it doesn't resemble me cuz i'm ugly lol

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You're welcome. I really doubt that.

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beautiful words. they are so true!:) (Smile) 
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Excellent travailClap 
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Great trees! I can relate with the slowing down and being in nature more, it's nice to not be going, going, going. For me, at least.
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Thanks! not finished yet though. Adding grass

Yup! sometimes the best feelings come from just sitting down in your garden right before it's about to rain.

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Is this an art god I smell??? yes! here they are! Hey, art god!

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Awww thank you! it's for the #StartWithLove challenge!

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ik ik! yw! I might join the challenge but idk, haha

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Please do! It's good practice.

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I'll do it in a bit! Hopefully it works out for me on paper haha

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