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Vitruvian Alien tattoo design

By Cele-1-20
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Alien in the form of the Vitruvian Man by da Vinci.

Tattoo design for a friend - this is a commission piece do not use or recreate.

This is a creation based on the various forms of Alien. Inspiration for the design was taken from the original Giger Alien, the Aliens Queen and drones as well as from the "Dog Alien" from Aliens 4 and combines elements from each. It is not intended to be a direct copy of Alien

This work is © to me, do not use without permission.
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© 2009 - 2021 Cele-1-20
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I believe your work is being used here, Didn't want to report it in case it was your account: 

someone on facebook that "makes" alien fanart tshirts is advertizing it. :I 
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Hi Forgess, Thank you for letting me know about this. I did not give permission for them to use my design. Looking at their page I very much doubt they made any of the designs themselves. 
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Right. Ugh, that's so annoying. I wish you luck, man. If you can manage a watermark, that might dissuade lazy thieves in the future! Your work is awesome!
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Hey did you give these folks permission to use your image if not ..now you know ... www.facebook.com/aliensfanclub…
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Hi Strobe3project, 

I am now, indeed, aware of this. Thank you for highlighting it. 

This seller has stolen the design and is using it without permission. According to some other artists I have spoken to I am not the first that these people have stolen from. Doubt I will be the last either. 
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This would be an amazing piece of art framed in my living room! Awesome work!
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I am glad you like it :)
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This would make an awesome t-shirt too.
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How does one get permission to use the above image. I wanted to use it for my son’s
birthday cake. Birthday is in a few days so I would need I soon.
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Hi, I'm afraid I am unable to provide permission to use this image as it is a one off commission. I am sorry, however I hope your son has a very happy birthday.
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Absolutely great work!
So tell me, who I have to ask for permission to tattoo this one?
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I did this as a commission for someone and it is not intended for re-sale. I very much appreciate your kind words and that you took the time to view the image.

Thank you :)
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I'd totally get this as a tattoo. Or a similar design but with predator :)
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Excellent !!!!!!!!!!! Amazing !!!!!!!!!!
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if you do have a high res version I would appreciate a copy as this an absolutely kick ass background for tablets and laptops
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Can I have a high res version PLEASE!
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Excellent! That would make for a fantastic print/T-shirt, too.
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Excellent! This would make for a fantastic t-shirt/print.
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There is nothing NOT awesome about this!
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