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Cyberpunk - Redlight District

text coming, for now be aware that this image started as a photobash!
watch the progress:
Cyberpunk - Windowside Progress Stages by Celarx
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My team is creating an Neon Noir Blade Runneresque Adults Only Cyberpunk Action RPG for PC. It’s not a porn game but has adult situations uncensored. We’re early in production but looking for an artist to conceptualize an idea with our Creative Director and then finalize one piece of cover art for us. We’re a very small indie team creating this project in our free time for the love of Cyberpunk and Censorship Free Gaming, but we do have a small Patreon and would love to discuss how much you generally charge for a piece like this.
If it’s something we can afford and you have the time to commit, feel free to check out our first DEV VLOG and you can Email me a quote at
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So many great elements, thanks for sharing.
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Whoa! This is excellent. By any chance, might you have ever read Hardwired by Walter Jon Williams? That's my own favorite cyberpunk novel. Or that maybe tied even with Snow Crash. I go back and forth. I currently have a contract to translate Hardwired into Esperanto for free distribution on-line as ebooks. When done it will make for the fifth whole novel I will have done. That and a number of short stories also. Just a little hobby of mine.

So, if Hardwired might be a favorite also of yours, and you should feel in a generous mood at any time in the coming year or so, then the e-book will be needing a cover. I don't earn a dime for all my efforts. In fact it costs me some to purchase rights and to maintain the ad-free distribution website. My proofreaders likewise contribute their efforts for free, as have all the artists to date. So, just on the off chance that Hardwired might be a favorite of yours, this is me, shamelessly trying to mooch upon your very fine talent for a free cover (copyright to remain, of course, entirely your own). Hoping this doesn't offend...
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Heyho thanks for your comment, i haven't read Hardwired, though i am quite fond of the cyberpunk genre so i'll check it out thanks ! :)
Snow Crash on the other hand i did read and liked it alot though i feel the ending was kinda sudden and left me wanting.

Regarding the request, no i do not work for free. Unless it's for my family ^^
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This piece inspired me to create a cyberpunk world of my own for my webcomics.  Thank you!
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hey, thanks for commenting this ! made my day and cheers me op whenever i think about it :)
glad you liked it so much and hope you are successfull in your endeavour. Also sorry for replying so late, i'm not really checking deviantart anymore.
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No worries.  Good luck to you and thanks for the encouragement and inspiration!
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Nice labyrinth status, the intensity of the colours are mesmerising & enchanting.
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thanks a lot, but i have to ask what labyrinth status means , never heard that figure of speech.
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Healthy mind makes a healthy body thus a environmental achievement. It looks a true place and the characters have got social creadability. They look down to earth with spiritual luicidity.
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thanks a lot :)
This is one of the most beautiful scenes I've ever seen. i love the costumes the two hookers by the window are wearing and that see-through plastic jacket is straight outta BladeRunner. I do have a question - how many of these women are purely organic, given that I think I see an articial froearm on the woman in brown by the window?
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In the future this image was created for body augmentation are pretty common place, just like sexual freedom and the importance of self expression. While I love Bladerunner this image was more inspired by the ideas in Shadowrun and their "neon and chrome" aestethics :)
I like that aesthetic, too. I hope ou produce more on this theme.
Oh, the reason I mentioned the transparent mac is that Zhora wears a very similar one in BladeRunner.
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nah, just thought it's a logic progression from the "more is less" clothing style that is coming into fashion more and more if you take a look into history.
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this is mindblowing! i love it
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Lovely Work...!!!
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