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Gargantua Maximus 2010



Ladies and gentleman, children of all ages, I present to you -- Gargantua Maximus! This size-changing and often giant gorilla is another creation of the mad Dr. Sandor Varkoff. Gargantua Maximus is not inherently evil or belligerent, but can become violent when provoked. At giant size, he is nothing less than a menace that must be contained. On one occasion, Captain Satellite used a confiscated Macro Warrior to accomplish that task.

The origin of Gargantua Maximus is that I have often drawn just as much inspiration from old B-movies as from comic books for Captain Satellite and company. Giant gorillas are evocative, and let's face it, just plain cool. So Gargantua Maximus will always have a place in my cosmology.

Gargantua Maximus gets his name from what was once the most famous gorilla in the world - Gargantua. [link]

I'm sure Koko has usurped that title, but "Gargantua" is a lot more impressive sounding. "Koko Maximus" just wouldn't do.
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So are you saysing he can get really big with a name like Gargantua Maximus?

He is a very nice ape, btw