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I had intended to take a break from posting art for a little while, so as not to burn everyone out on my "unique" cartooning. However, I felt like I should post this right away, particularly since the recipient hasn't had the chance to see it until now.

This is my giftart for . Sara is a real sweetheart, and truly one of the nicest people I know. Not just on dA, but in general. She is always helpful and positive in her comments. I'm very glad to have Sara as my friend.

This is...madness. It unites a number of my childhood characters (including several who have not even appeared on dA yet!) with the still more or less active characters from Captain Satellite's "world". I won't even try to distinguish the two groups for you, as it would be meaningless at this point. Just sit back and revel in my insanity. How does George Perez do it????

This was crazy hard, and yet easy and fun. It was a chore trying to nail down all the costumes, especially since I have not drawn most of these folks in ages. So if anyone looks different in later drawings, just chalk this up as a test run.

I have no idea what kind of order would be easiest to follow, so I will just list everyone as I see them. I think you can figure most of them out.

The Viking, Captain Satellite, Thunder Man, Enemy Alien, Ferro Man, Red Circle, Hugo Beaumont, Force Field, Bat Eater, Black X, Unknown Man, Drone Man, Bird Man, Exploding Man, Elastic Man, Muscle Man, Klaytron/Slaytron, Ultimate American, a Third World agent, Firegirl, Mr. Tough, Avenging X, Elektroid, Black Terror, Neutro, Blue Behemoth, Conehead, Amazing Girl, Sherman Tank, Muscle Woman, Black Knight, Conqueror, Shelly Ericson, and Urban Nightmare. WHEW!

Thank you for everything, ! I hope you enjoy your giftart, and that things start going your way. You deserve the best!
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*claps hands* Marvelous! There are so many of them! I don't even have half that many people in my head and I feel like I'm mad.

I can't begin to say how fun this is.