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Here he is, the last picture in the Secret Society series. It's the man, the myth - CAR MAN!

I look at the old Car Man art, and I suspect he was intended to be a guy with a car (a mini one, obviously) as his lower torso. High concept, no? I decided to play that a bit close to the vest in this update. You can say he's a guy who hooks up to a mini-car to fight crime, or you can just say he's a dude who tools around in a little mini-racer. Either one is fine with me, as it's absurd no matter how you look at it. :D

In addition to souping up his meager wheels a bit, I gave Car Man a new color scheme and new costume. His old suit was the same old wraparound mask concept, and it was red and orange - AGAIN. I must have liked those colors that day. So to avoid monotony, I altered it to yellow with a little brown thrown in. Maybe not as vivid, but different enough to stand out. I made his suit a little more in line with a race car driver by giving him racing gloves and a helmet and changing his mask into goggles.

Finally, as I drew Car Man, I thought about what it must be like to be Car Man. Other superheroes get cool powers or crazy gadgets from space. He has a tiny little car. No matter how much he jazzes it up, he still looks like a Shriner motoring around on parade day. I figured this would lead to a certain dissatisfaction with his lot in life.

This concludes the Secret Society series, but they will be back soon. Oh, we'll also get a glimpse of the MYSTERY MEMBER I omitted from this series. Keep watching the dA!

(with kudos to for the Shriners gag!)
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I like Car Man and his "everything is okay" wave. He'd definitely get along with Wheel Boy.