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If you're looking at this, you are either (a) someone who knows me or (b) someone who sees the humor in this. If you meet both criteria (waves at ~ Gunmetalblack eagerly), then great! If not, here's the explanation.

The character in the front is the Knight Watchman, a character from the Big Bang Comics group. [link] I maintain a fansite about Big Bang, which can be found here. [link]

The character in the back is Rorschach, the disturbed vigilante from Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons' groundbreaking WATCHMEN. [link] If you know anything about Rorschach, you know why Knight Watchman is less than pleased that he has sneaked up behind him.

This cartoon was created for my fanzine OWARI in 2000 and published in #8. I have done a little modification to the word balloon for this presentation, but it is essentially the same piece.

Personally, this is probably the most technically competent piece of cartooning I have ever done. I know that is damning it with faint praise, but I'm still proud of it.

Rorschach © DC Comics. Knight Watchman © Gary Carlson & Chris Ecker.
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I DO love the Knight Watchman, because he's basically if Batman was NICE.

Knight Watchman put a yellow border around his shield insignia so it would LOOK FRIENDLIER. Yeah, that's hardcore niceness.