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Here are the prices I've figured out (note: this is per character drawn):

Pencil Sketch: $5 EXAMPLE

Black Ink Outline: $7 EXAMPLE

Colored Pencil: $5-$30 (depending on complexity) EXAMPLE

CG Colored: $10-$50 (depending on complexity) EXAMPLE

Color Smudge Coloring, CG: $10-$50 (depending on complexity) EXAMPLE

CG Poster Colored: $20-$100 (depending on complexity and desired size)

Color Smudge Poster, CG: $20-$100 (depending on complexity and desired size)

All commission will be sent via e-mail and will be in JPG format, except for the poster, which will be in PDF (allows the picture to be taken to Kinko's for printing) and JPG. With the exception of the poster, files will be no bigger than 1000px X 1000px; posters will be either 13.5" X 18" or 18" X 24" (the latter being more expensive). NOTE: Comissions will be sent after payment has been received!

I only draw character portraits without scenic backgrounds (painterly backdrops, on the other hand, I do like to use). Unless otherwise noted, colored images will have a white background.

I accept payment via snail-mail or PayPal (if PayPal is used, I will e-mail a more formal invoice).

E-mail me with requests.
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You should do prettier sized posters... like 10x15 or something =/ Stupid American measurements *coughcough*
<3 you're a busy little journal-er tonight, arent you? ^^ <3