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Oregon Trail Pumpkin



Oh well, you probably would have died trying to ford the river anyway.

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Good job with the pumpkin. I played this all the freakin' time. Actually, I still do, except I have an updated version of the game, "Oregon Trail II," which was basically made for the PC.

Though I have yet to see a version of this game where it says "You have Insert-Incurable-Disease-Here." Did one exist? I have played the original version of this online, and it has NEVER said "You have" blah blah blah. It has always said, "Joe Schmoe has dysentery" whenever we got to the wagon train leader. I even named the wagon leader "You" to see what would happen. What I got was the very grammatically incorrect "You has dysentery." Just trying to figure out if there really is a version that does this, or if this particular meme was Photoshopped or something like that.