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The End is only the Beginning
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ID 2018 by CeeMcDee ID 2018 :iconceemcdee:CeeMcDee 0 0
Chapter 1: Program_Execute
"Please tell me that everything is clear and nothing bad is going to happen."
"Alright then, everything is clear and nothing bad is going to happen."
"You're just saying that because I asked you to, aren't you?"
"Pretty much, yeah."
Margaret groaned before leaning back in her chair and rubbing her temples. Her Digimon wasn't known for his talkative nature and he had a stubborn streak a mile wide, but he could be relied on give her the honest truth regardless of whether she wanted to hear it or not. At that moment, however, Margaret couldn't tell whether her partner was being honest or if he was simply trying to put an end to her ceaseless questioning.
Sensing her disbelief, her Digimon chimed in, "I'm being serious here. I checked the system and did a full diagnostic on every file in the databank. As far as I can tell, nothing was added or taken out of InSOMNIA's records when Charles hacked in." He huffed, "I'm honestly not even sure why the kid bothered in t
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Chapter 1 - Program_Execute - Part 1 Preview by CeeMcDee Chapter 1 - Program_Execute - Part 1 Preview :iconceemcdee:CeeMcDee 3 0
Chapter [0], Part 3
Charles Holind was a boy that you wouldn't peg as "delinquent" just from first glance. With an innocent face, a calm demeanor, and polite expression, he looked like just another average, run-of-the-mill teenager. If anyone would have told you that he frequently brushed with the law and had a Digimon as his partner-in-crime, you would have laughed, looked at them weirdly, and walked away. However, if the expression 'you should never judge a book by its cover' was personified, he would be the poster boy for it. Currently, Charles sat in the comfort of a hotel room as he typed away at his computer, admiring his handiwork from earlier that day. "You know," he started, "For such a highly acclaimed International organization, there seems to be a startling lack of security at InSOMNIA's front door."
He stopped for a moment as he collected his thoughts, placing his hands above his head as he eyed the monitor, "Regardless, good job on breaking into the system. This incident should throw them of
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Chapter [0], Part 2
Sada found it strange that the room was dimly lit when he opened the door. He knew Gabriella had her own set of eccentricities... but working in the dark? That was one quirk he'd never seen before. Only when he illuminated the room did he finally see why she hid her face from the gloom of artificial light.
"Oh my gosh, are you okay? You look horrible! What happened?!"
"Many things Sada, and none of them are good."
Sada moved from his place at the door and nearly broke into a sprint crossing the expansive room. He even vaulted over the security monitor in the center just to get to his destination slightly faster. "What is it? Security Breach?  A new hacker group? Cyberterrorist attack?!"
The possibilities were endless and Gabriella's continued silence fueled the paranoia that grew within him. Best case scenario, there was a new hacker group that was causing trouble in a localized area. Worst case scenario, he could be looking at the destruction of the New World that InSOMNIA worked
:iconceemcdee:CeeMcDee 2 0
NOCT Round #2 by CeeMcDee NOCT Round #2 :iconceemcdee:CeeMcDee 4 2 NOCT Round #1 by CeeMcDee NOCT Round #1 :iconceemcdee:CeeMcDee 3 9 Gabriella Garcia-Perez and Shayumon by CeeMcDee Gabriella Garcia-Perez and Shayumon :iconceemcdee:CeeMcDee 5 6 Smile and the World Smiles with You by CeeMcDee Smile and the World Smiles with You :iconceemcdee:CeeMcDee 1 3 In the Sunlight by CeeMcDee In the Sunlight :iconceemcdee:CeeMcDee 2 3
Looking for Characters to Draw
Drawing Requests are Open!
Hello everyone, how are you? As you can tell by the title, I'm taking drawing requests from people to help improve my artistic skills. I've recently purchased a new art program for myself and am overjoyed at how many new things I can do with it. Unfortunately, I have no idea what to draw as I have also been hit with the biggest case of Artist's Block ever. Thankfully this is where you all can come in. If you can send me any Humanoid characters that you don't mind being drawn by me, then please comment on this journal and attach a link your character along with their name and any specifics you would like to see happen in that drawing. Semi-nudity is allowed, but please keep it PG-13. Finally, ALL CHARACTERS WILL BE DRAWN! This is to improve my own skills, so if I decide not to draw your character, then it is my loss. A shorthand list of instructions will be provided down below for specifics on what to do so you don't have to come back and read
:iconceemcdee:CeeMcDee 2 28
Naima and Co.'s Height Chart by CeeMcDee Naima and Co.'s Height Chart :iconceemcdee:CeeMcDee 3 3 Battle Frontier Ohana Islands Y3: Naima Odderson by CeeMcDee Battle Frontier Ohana Islands Y3: Naima Odderson :iconceemcdee:CeeMcDee 8 8


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Christiana McDonald
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United States
A self taught artist, videogame enthusiast, and Master of the Lazy Day. Expect posts to be sporadic as I'm not the most active on this channel, but other than that I hope you enjoy the show for what it is. Thanks for stopping by.



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