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What Happened Between Us? (Commission)



A commission for Obabscribbler for her upcoming fic.

After an accident on the stage, Vinyl visits the unconscious Octavia, pondering over what happened between each other that made them separate...

Lord knows what :( They seem like such a harmonious couple.

"Vinyl Scratch" or "DJ-Pon3" and "Octavia" as well as "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" is property of Hasbro, Inc. and Lauren Faust.
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I find the piece to be very well done. You manage to show the worry and grief that Vinyl is going through. It is clear to see that she care deeply for Octavia like so many of us fan of the show have express in song, art, and stories. But this piece shows devotion that Vinyl feels for her dear friend and even possibly lover. I find this to be one of the most well round couples that have been created out of the fandom, and it is only because the fandom that I believe understand how two ponies so different in the social background can cast aside those boundaries to grow in a lovable pair. I can reflect greatly on this two characters because of my two aunts who may of came from two different worlds but still managed to find love in one other. This piece was fabulously done, and I appreciate the time it took to create this wonder piece of art.
Thank you very much