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S.H.I.E.L.D. 1 pages 22-23

Pencils/Inks: Dustin Weaver
Colors: Me

Here, have some Galactus in Renaissance Rome.
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I really love that image, it's simply beutiful!!!

But, there is a little error! The monument on the left, the "Vittoriano", was built in the end of the XIX century, so it can't be in the renaissance Rome! xD

But anyway, a little error can't delete the astonishing beauty of that work! Bravo! :)
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wow Galactus in Rome!
xepowe's avatar
i loved it...i like te explicit of the image...the detail is..envolving it captures you... awesom art work cogratulations you have a gift in your hands...
guelpacq's avatar
HOLY CRAP! No one saw this coming! Thumbs up for the guys who drove Galactus away and thumbs up to the people who drew this!

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
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Holy cow, this is incredible. Absolutely love it.
MadBlackie's avatar
It's just fucking amazing. So many details : O Very well done~!
kleeks's avatar
once again subtle and selective. color holds on the clouds and buildings, perfect!
gustavo-Art-Brazil's avatar
Fantastico,muito bom
noordle-doordle's avatar
So beautiful. Those guys are doomed.
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these pages are crack
Markovics's avatar
WOW que paja chongo!!!!
Edarneor's avatar
would be a wonderful picture if not for those robots... But the city looks great!
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payprchs's avatar
Splendid palette! Looks like a color wash.
thegothamite's avatar
Fantastic work, as always!
kubankin's avatar
Oh i love the buildings!

very nice colors too Christina!!
Kilo60's avatar
Wow. Just wow. This is spectacular! The levels of detail you put into this is stunning.
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Budjette's avatar
looks fantastic!

looking forward to picking up this book!
MicahJGunnell's avatar
Holy guacamole. That is a crazy amount of detail. Love your colors on all these pages, they're each very reflective of the particular scene.
Talandir's avatar
Lovely, subtle colors with just enough boldness to make them pop.
bathill8's avatar
Mobeius-esque! Nice.
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