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Run v3 issue 6 page 21 EDIT
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Published: January 29, 2009
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Pencils: Humberto Ramos
Colors: Me

*siiiigh* One of my favorite-est pages ever. This is the page Humberto MAILED to me when I asked if I could buy it.

I love him. And I love this page.

EDIT: So I just reuploaded the file with the bw next to it for comparison. See, it's pretty fabulous without the colors. :D
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O, Love it!
Yay, they get together~! (or at least kiss XD) I was wondering what was going to happen there... This is the 2nd spoiler I've come across since I'm still in the middle of reading, and yet I can't stop browsing your gallery :D Thanks for posting!
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DezQuixote|Hobbyist General Artist
Is that Nico?
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I adore this page to no end. I'm so excited I've found that you did the colors! <3
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rainbowrenthead|Student General Artist
Oh my god, this is my favorite page in the entire series. I'm trying so so hard not to fangirl over the fact that I can even SAY that to the person who colored it... I had no idea you did Teahouse AND Runaways.
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Ok Ok
It kinda looks like Nico and Carolina
Am I wrong?
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yellowis4happy|Hobbyist General Artist
Gorgeous. I love the soft watercolor effect.

Your coloring is AMAZING. I especially liked the style you used when coloring Mike Ryan's work, when you used both soft AND hard brush strokes when you were shading. It made for a really unique and strong appearance. :D

I haven't gotten this far yet, but YES. FINALLY. Runaways has been starved of Nico/Karolina love, and this was just what it needed. :love:
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Puppy2388|Hobbyist General Artist
Favourite comic :D This is amazing!
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dynamicdestruction|Student Photographer
OMG! I love this page, it's so amazingly beautiful, I love the colors you used here its so wonderful. I almost cried when read it though, I felt so sad for Karolina at that moment.
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jhewel09|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So GREAT!! i hope i can do as much as good as you do.. T^T
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I love this. It's so pretty I want to read this series, just to understand these panels more.
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The appeal to this page is the colors. If the pencils were 75% there, then you brought it to 110%.
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Awwww, Thanks! That really does mean a lot coming from you. :)
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Is it like this with just pencils straight to color
in the book?
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anikakinka|Professional Digital Artist
and because of this deviation I started reading runaways.

beautiful coloring <3
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Very nice colors :)

oh, and Humberto is pretty good to.. hehe
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RozziBunny|Professional General Artist
aw this page is so beautiful!!!
i'm so jealous of how talented you both are!!!
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marceloperalta|Professional General Artist
man, you've done a aming job on this page!
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am in love with runaways right now!
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great light man/woman :D
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I am kind of speechless this is beautiful, the lines are amazing humberto, but your colors just give it this umph that just brings it up to another level. Wonderful!
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It's incredible. The lineart is gorgeous, but your colours make it even better. The colour scheme is amazing.
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I'm truly adoring the colors on this...the lighting is SO cinematic, and really emphasizes the moment so well! And I haven't been keeping up with the look in comics for a minute, but I really love the fact that you're using custom brushes. Really sets it apart from all the generic computer-colored books I've seen out there.
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GavinMichelli|Professional Digital Artist
Wow. I'm usually not a huge fan of un-inked sequentials, but you really knocked this out the park!
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Jamibug|Professional General Artist
Hey CeeCee, this is awesome! I like when his stuff looks a little more dramatic than cartoony.... and your colors on here are AMAZING! They really set the mood and step it up a notch from the raw pencils. I love your use of brushes and the at splatter texture, nice touch.
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