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Silke Arches ~ Tickler12 Series~ Mistress Leia Tex

So here is the second in the Silke Arches Tickler 12 Series, just in time for February 2018!  Featuring everyone's favorite International Fetish Spy, Silke Arches in the encapsulating skin-tight liquid rubber of Agency Orange Villainess, Mistress Leia Tex!

The Tickler 12 Series:
12 Months
12 Comic Covers
12 Villains
12 Titillating Trysts of Tightly Tied Torturous Tickling and Tanning of our Treasured Tart's Tootsies and Tushy

Collect 'em all!

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Silke Arches ~ Tickler12 Series ~ Aunt Thropod by CeeAyBee
  March: 03 silke12 March Vibrato by CeeAyBee 


Cab Head Icon by CeeAyBee

* See more Silke Arches HERE!~
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Hmmmm...I'm curious about the "henchman" in the drawing. All of Silke Arches protagonists seem to use the same basic pool of them. Is there like a "henchman" service that supplies all the evil doers? Are there "henchwomen"? And where do they sign up the attractive evil female assistants? (asking for a friend.. ;))

Where i can find this comic??
Benholm's avatar
Very very very VERY interesting ! ;-)
damianteq's avatar
So,are these actual comics or just covers?
Benholm's avatar
Ask the boss. ^^
augustineart's avatar
I'm not sure which I like better: the spray-on rubber encapsulation bondage, Mistress Leia Tex's long, pointy fingers or the expression on Silke's face!  Of course, who says I have to choose just one?  A simply delicious and oh-so-sexy fetish peril package! Delightful!
CeeAyBee's avatar
We've got 10 more installments to go... so hold that thought. :D
T-SCI's avatar
Now THAT is one interesting bondage set up my's hoping she doesnt escape too quickly!
CeeAyBee's avatar
truthinlaughter's avatar
would love a full comic series on this =P
CeeAyBee's avatar
On Silke in general? or the Latex thing?
Shadowartist64's avatar
those puns though >W<
CeeAyBee's avatar
No one is safe around here. :D
chuckypolo's avatar
If Silke thinks this is bad wait untill those claws get down to her soles....
CeeAyBee's avatar
This is a true statement.
2chill's avatar
Another great piece as usual Mr. CAB. Mistress Leia Tex seems so creepy with her, *ahem*, extremely flexible body and her long, spindly fingers, but to me that just makes Ms. Silke Arches' predicament all the more sexy. It's almost too good to believe that we'll be getting ten more of these.
CeeAyBee's avatar
Oh yes... like a Silke of the Month Club. She deserves some extra attention. Unlike all my other series, Silke never had a consistent series of her own. That was a travesty of justice.
LLXBD's avatar
Another beautiful pic of Silke Arches !
Hope some day you'll make a complete comic of her. ^^
CeeAyBee's avatar
well... there is this complete two-part comic:

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Silke Arches ~ Blood Carnal Part 1 by CeeAyBee

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Silke Arches ~ Blood Carnal Part 2 by CeeAyBee
and a mini comic:

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The Adventures of Silke Arches ~ Mr. Snoad by CeeAyBee
... and, yes, I know, the Frenemies Comic is still incomplete.  I need to clone myself.
LLXBD's avatar
Oh, I know these ! (little secret : I have downloaded each and every single piece of you art on my computer ^^)
I just was wondering if you'd make a longer story. I totally loved that one :

Mature Content

Frenemies ~ Page 4 by CeeAyBee
    The way she puts on / takes off her costume is just insanely erotic and smooth at the same time ! ^^
PinkestBalloon's avatar
Ohh, that's another fantaatic villianess.

Beautiful, latexy, devilish, and tickling poor Silke to death.
CeeAyBee's avatar
word of the day:  "Latexy:P
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