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Silke Arches ~ Tickler12 Series~ Madame Cuda

The deadly Madame Cuda is Dr. Lamprey's first successful transformation of an Agency Orange Assassin using his Experimental Ichthymorphosis Serum.  The amphibious and sadistic fem-fatale now serves as Lamprey's personal enforcer and interrogator.  With an otherworldly beauty that belies her vicious poisonous spines and shark-like teeth, she is short on temper and quick to dispatch anyone that threatens her charge. She takes great pleasure in the art of torture and humiliation, often using her four tentacles to tickle or strangle a victim to death depending on her mood. More than formidable on land, she gains a distinct advantage in the watery depths.
* * * *
Voila! the sixth in the Silke Arches Tickler 12 Series, just in time for June 2018!  Featuring everyone's favorite International Fetish Spy, Silke Arches!

The Tickler 12 Series:
12 Months
12 Comic Covers
12 Villains
12 Titillating Trysts of Tightly Tied Torturous Tickling and Tanning of our Treasured Tart's Tootsies and Tushy

Collect 'em all!

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Silke Arches ~ Tickler12 Series ~ Aunt Thropod by CeeAyBee

Mature Content

Silke Arches ~ Tickler12 Series~ Mistress Leia Tex by CeeAyBee

Mature Content

Silke Arches ~ Tickler12 Series~ Maestro Vibrato by CeeAyBee

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Silke Arches ~ Tickler12 Series~ Alice Chains by CeeAyBee
   FYI: Dr. Lamprey

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The Adventures of Silke Arches ~ Professor Lamprey by CeeAyBee


Cab Head Icon by CeeAyBee

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Another great cover