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Silke Arches ~ Tickler12 Series ~ Aunt Thropod

So here is the first in the Silke Arches Tickler 12 Series, just in time for January 2018!  Featuring everyone's favorite International Fetish Spy, Silke Arches in the diabolical clutches of Agency Orange Villainess, Aunt Thropod.

The Tickler 12 Series:
12 Months
12 Comic Covers
12 Villains
12 Titillating Trysts of Tightly Tied Torturous Tickling and Tanning of our Treasured Tart's Tootsies and Tushy
Collect 'em all!


Mature Content

Silke Arches ~ Tickler12 Series~ Mistress Leia Tex by CeeAyBee
  March: 03 silke12 March Vibrato by CeeAyBee 


Cab Head Icon by CeeAyBee

* See more Silke Arches HERE!~
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hcs777666's avatar
Excuse me, where can I see this?
Sorry, where can I buy the full comic books? I have searched for all of your gallery and I can not find it, can anybody tell me? 
Esanchez3's avatar
Where can I find all the comic book stories?
damianteq's avatar
Where can i buy the full comic?
CarrieLa88's avatar
OH that looks like great fun!   And relentless!
Phuram's avatar
Cool pic. Nice bondage and feet. Silke is looking very hot. And I really dig the idea of the pussy tickling and orgasm belt. It's a cool spin on the whole chastity belt concept.
scamwich's avatar
A clitorrent, for clitorment! Those arches are really quite silky. Looks fun.
Benholm's avatar
cab What does my autograph do? :-D
augustineart's avatar
Spider bots!  You KNOW I love spider bots!  That's really hitting below the belt...and I mean that in the best possible way.  I am extremely intrigued by the "clitorrent belt" and the way you introduce it before it goes to work inspires all sorts of imaginative ponderings.  Finally, I think I'm in love with Aunt Thropod, both for her gleeful cruelty and her snappy, play-on-words name.  One can never get too much Silke!  Happy 2018.
CoffeeEmperor's avatar
Mmmm, my Spidey-Senses are all a tingle.
Fire-Fox-America's avatar
Ah! A sinister senior siren??? Old enough to have no doubt contributed to the Reaper's cause in spades, just like the marked breed of arachnid she resembles! Aunt Thropod looks like the endgame transformation had Doc Ock successfully married May Parker and used her to crush the Web-Slinger in cruel ironic fashion! I do love how the design section of your mind works!

I think I will have to revisit Silke soon. She's gone on to become possibly the sexiest damsel at least in my personal domain of things I label awesome. 

Uncle CAB, I must insist that you give us brief comedic summaries of these evil-doers, in the way only you can!
Benholm's avatar
My lovely "Silke Arches" ! *-*

The best female special agent in the world !

She stole my heart forever ! *.*

I love her so much !
CeeAyBee's avatar
You are her Biggest Fan, Benny!  Enjoy!
Benholm's avatar
I wish for an autograph of her, haha ! xD

With footprint. xD
CeeAyBee's avatar
I'll see what I can do... just hope she doesn't round-kick that 'footrpint' on my jaw.  ;)
Benholm's avatar
Why should she, is there any reason to do that ?

Say it is for Count Benholm van Benny. xD
CeeAyBee's avatar
ask this guy. 'why'  LOL!

Mature Content

Silke Arches ~ Tickle Drowning in Okinawa by CeeAyBee
Benholm's avatar
They also attacked and did not ask for an autograph. :-D
Palagame's avatar
I love it! :happybounce:
Horny! Clap Love
CeeAyBee's avatar
LLXBD's avatar
Tickling is not my fetish but if I ever render something about tickling, it will be because of Silke Arches.
Your character is just awesomely designed, whether her perils, history, relationships, outfit, and of course pure sexy body.
And your drawings carry such an intense feeling of helplessness that they are irresistible.
I totally love this character and this type of drawings.
Thanks for sharing !
CeeAyBee's avatar
Thank you. We'll be seeing a lot more of Silke Arches this year. :D
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