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Silke Arches ~ Tickler12 Series~ Alice Chains

Theoretical physicist, Alicia Ina Chains, was lambasted by her scientist peers for her experiments in Quantum Phase Travel. So in a desperate last ditch effort to prove her findings, accidentally transported herself to an alternate realm of reality known as Excrucia. Trapped in this landscape of sensual overload, she suffered both the torturous and sexually euphoric for years, only to suddenly phase back to her laboratory, seemingly gone for mere moments, but forever changed and quite insane.

Unable to bear the continued dull and plodding life of a scientist, the reinvented Alice Chains has now found employ with clandestine terrorist organization, Agency Orange, where she can ply her new fondness for twisted sensual torture and scientific mind with reckless abandon.

* * * *
Herein, for your fetish oggling pleasure,  the fourth in the Silke Arches Tickler 12 Series, for April 2018!  Featuring everyone's favorite International Fetish Spy, Silke Arches!

The Tickler 12 Series:
12 Months
12 Comic Covers
12 Villains
12 Titillating Trysts of Tightly Tied Torturous Tickling and Tanning of our Treasured Tart's Tootsies and Tushy

Collect 'em all!

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Silke Arches ~ Tickler12 Series ~ Aunt Thropod by CeeAyBee

Mature Content

Silke Arches ~ Tickler12 Series~ Mistress Leia Tex by CeeAyBee

Mature Content

Silke Arches ~ Tickler12 Series~ Maestro Vibrato by CeeAyBee

Mature Content

Silke Arches ~ Tickler12 Series~ Madame Cuda by CeeAyBee


Cab Head Icon by CeeAyBee

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I wanna be tickled by Alice Chains