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Silke Arches ~ Tickle Drowning in Okinawa


Agency Orange Field Log: Agent Klegg No. 4536J-A Frawg Unit B

Note to self: DO NOT attempt to execute by tickle drowning Aqua Operative Silke Arches first thing in the morning. My local assassin partner wasn't goddamned awake yet, and the sexy bitch had worked on her ropes all night.  Mistake. Huge. Requesting Dental Leave immediately. …fuck.
Fuck Fuck Fuck!

* * * *

I figure its only fair that if I've asked you all to take your best shot at anime-ifying (manga-ifying, hentai-ifying, etc etc) one or more of my characters, in C.A.B.'s Anime Madness Contest 2015… then the old man should have a go at it too. And this is my first attempt. Surprisingly, it was a lot of great fun!

Just goosing the Contest here... and trying to get you're juices flowing.

I look forward to seeing and reading all your entries!

August 1st is the Deadline!

~ C.A.B.

Official Anime Madness 2015 LOGO by CeeAyBee 
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And that's why one should use cuffs and chains, in term of security measures ;)