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For English speakers who are interested in my fan-manga, I am starting to publish a few pages in English. It's still a bit sketchy (I have to adjust the size of the speech bubbles according to the length of the text - often shorter in English). And all the pages aren't ready yet... To be found here: >> http://mini.killeak.net/TrCe PS: as English is not my mother tongue, if you see bad translations or nonsense, do not hesitate to report them to me ;-)
Son manga Dragon Ball, à travers son adaptation en anime d'abord - puis en format papier, à bercé ma jeunesse et m'a suivi dans ma vie d'adulte à travers mes propres dessins amateurs. Passer de la très sage et codifiée bande-dessinée franco-belge au manga a été une véritable bouffée d'air frais. Merci d'avoir contribué à me faire découvrir tant de nouveaux horizons. His Dragon Ball manga, through its adaptation into anime first - then into paper format, rocked my youth and followed me into my adult life through my own amateur drawings. Going from the very wise and codified Franco-Belgian comic strip to manga was a real breath of fresh air. Thank you for helping to introduce me to so many new horizons.
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Vegeta makes a small appearance in the story of my fan-manga. He's not supposed to play a particularly developed role... it's more of a cameo (not discreet, I admit). This therefore gave me the idea of staging a joint action, like a father and son combo around the Chôjin Geki Ken (Super God Hammer Fist). This will probably just serve as an illustrative image... What do you think about it?? --- #fanart #futuretrunks #trunks #supersaiyandaisandankai #trunksversuscelltherevenge #vegeta #comboattack #supergodhammerfist #killeak --- *MORE:* http://mini.killeak.net/TrUk and http://mini.killeak.net/TrkC
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In the last Deviation posted, I was wondering how to represent Trunks' leg - this small part was absent from the base I found - as the Saiyan receives a violent elbow in the back (famous scene which ends the fight between Vegeta Super Saiyan daï ni-dankaï and Cell perfect form). I found the solution in the same scene from the anime, and it's just a silhouette of the thigh and the knee... which is a bit mean. So I will therefore rather start with the bent leg as set up in the draft. However, I found a new image of Cell performing this famous move. I will also add a new element, which may not be very easy to implement: a bump on the other side of the point of impact. I will have to manage with the deformation of the armor and its patterns & elements... I just saw that the previous draft as a Deviation just exceeded 700 views in 48 hours... more than some completed drawings in 1 month lol I hope that once finished, the drawing will be as successful... I will surely get started this
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I like this a lot