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By Cederin
A small project for school. The task was to transform yourself into an animal in four pencil drawings. Of course I wanted to draw myself as a wolf!

Oh yeah, the quality really sucks, but you see the metamorphosis at least. The second and the third image is going to haunt me in my sleep. I'm convinced. :worry:
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Awesome picture ! Also, you drew you amazingly on the first pic :la:
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Aww thank you very much! :)
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Nice job. :o If only I could've gotten such a project during my first tertiary year. ... though back then it would've sucked. (I think even now I wouldn't be able to something photorealistic and well done like this, but I'd be more liable to try. |T)

Interesting how the angle changes along the way.
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Thank you! Yes I loved the project, it was perfect for me who loves animals. That was my idea with the angles, to make it look more interesting! :D I'm happy someone noticed!
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Wow, looks like this is a great idea for a project ^^ Awesome!
In my art school last year, they told us just to try and draw ourselves with a funny expression from a photo XD
I guess this is (what you've drawn) is much better than that XD hahahaha :XD:
The second and the third sketches were done actually for a specific purpose, so it is
completely normal to be afraid of "seeing them in your sleep" and mostly because it is "yourself" :P
I would TOTALY have the same problem if I was in your place XD Though, all the sketches looks really beautiful,
especially your portrait! I love the way you got the tones and the shading and everything ;w;
You've imrpoved so much in "freehand drawing" (if this is how it is called in english anyways XD)
and I can see that in your portait. As for the wolf, I would totally do the same ;P Wonderful work :heart:
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Wow such a long comment Konvee :aww: Thank you very much! :heart: I am happy with my portrait too, I never got a self portrait alike myself like that!
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Hehe, no problem ^^ I really like all your portraits, but this one looks really amazing!
Keep up your wonderful art :heart:
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wow its amazing.Awesome work :meow:
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wow, awesome work,...
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