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Dear MLP Fans,

It has come to my attention, that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. What the heck am I on about? Well in my opinion, the official Brony documentary, did not do an altogether great job of presenting Bronies as a worthy group. If that had been my first introduction to them, I honestly would not have been sold. It wasn't altogether bad, but they could have done so much more with it. Personally I enjoyed 'A Brony Tale' with Ashleigh Ball more (although that's still not excellent).

I propose that we all write a short essay (2 to 4 pages) on the impact MLP has had on our lives. Try to make it about how MLP touched your life. I truly began to enjoy the show, when Pinkie Pie did something for me that I'll always be grateful for.

Write about the lessons that the show teaches, and how you've been able to apply them to your own life (once again, make it something personal).

When you've written an essay, upload it to Deviantart, and send me a link (I'll add it to the list of links in the description).

I plan to approach the world's friendliest Brony (Dr. Wolf), about recording an audiobook of the essays (or at least the ones he picks out). If your essay is picked, you could make a recording of it, or ask one of the expert Brony readers to do it for you (I'm opting for the latter). The book would of course, include lots of content by Dr. Wolf himself.

Please consider this. Even if our good friend Wolf doesn't go for it, it will still be fun.

Update: The time for submissions is up, although it is possible I may do this again next year. We'll see :) Thank you to all who participated, or even considered taking part.
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I'm pretty busy for quite a while... I don't know for sure if I can squeeze this in...