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How About Boston?
"I have decided that, at some point in my life, I'd like to live in Boston for a couple years," I said, thoughtfully staring at the ceiling from my position lying across the bed. "And preferably before I'm too old and wrinkly to enjoy it."
I could just barely see him at the edge of my vision as he nodded slowly in response from his spot on the chair. He had his eyes glued to the book in his hands.
When he didn't say anything, I continued talking, "It seems like it would be a cool city to live in. It's very historical and lively. Seems pretty artsy too. I'd just really love to experience what it's like to live in such a big, heavily populated city."
He nodded again and said, "I'd like to visit it."
I propped myself up on my elbows to get a full view of him.
"Visit?" I asked, "You wouldn't want to live in Boston with me? Just for a couple years?"
He looked up at me from his book, blinked a few times then blushed. He wasn't saying anything. I had guesses at what he was thinking but I stay
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Sweet Freedom by cedardoo6 Sweet Freedom :iconcedardoo6:cedardoo6 2 0 Summer's Heat by cedardoo6 Summer's Heat :iconcedardoo6:cedardoo6 4 0 Clear Eyes by cedardoo6 Clear Eyes :iconcedardoo6:cedardoo6 1 0
I Like Rainy Days
I like rainy days because the
Sound is a simple phrase and I
Get to hide from the sun's hot rays.
I like laughter because it
Is the best medicine and makes
The rest of life easier.
I like snow because the
Shine is bright and it
Makes the world feel more all right.
I like the stars because they
Burn a rough fire and always
Shine with what feels like a desire.
I like emotions because they
Give us animation and also
Something for manipulation.
I like touching because it
Can't be outgrown and lets
Me feel less alone.
I like living because it
Has true love and I
Don't have to feel for the mourning doves.
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The Cliff of Love
Standing on the edge of the cliff of love, many can't help but feel afraid when you look down. We think to ourselves that it will hurt when we finally hit the bottom and all we will be in the end is a pile of shattered hearts. This causes an irrational fear of falling in love in many people. This fear is similar to my irrational fear of spiders or my sister's irrational fear of the dark and dangerous weather. It's silly to people on the outside of the fear but those with the fear just can't help themselves.
Fortunately, even those with a fear of falling in love will fall off the edge one day. No one who has fallen in love can tell you when they fell off the cliff, they can only tell you when they realized that they were in love. If someone thinks they are falling in love then they are wrong. You don't feel yourself falling, you don't even feel yourself hitting the bottom. You'll be doing something mundane and ordinary or you'll be at work or at school or you'll be with the person you l
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Leaning back in my chair, I rubbed at my eyes and glanced at the clock that read a little past midnight. I sighed at the pile of blank paper in front of me that I meant to have filled with writing by then. Things hadn't gone as planned though. They usually didn't.
Writing was especially tough when all I could do was worry about him.
I jerked my head towards the bedroom door as I heard a sound like the sound of my front door opening. I frowned but wrote it off as just being overly tired, both physically and emotionally. After slipping the pile of paper into one of the desk's drawers and taking a moment to watch the pouring rain outside my window, I stood up and started towards the bathroom to get ready for a long and worry free sleep.
Before I could reach the bathroom though, the bedroom door swung open. I tensed and spun on my heels, grinning immediately when I saw who it was. My whole body relaxed. I hadn't realized until then that I was as worried as I was about him.
"Hi," I s
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Simply Kidding
"Hello," I said, turning my head to watch him as he walked through my door. "You do know that there is such a thing as knocking, right?"
"It's more fun to surprise you," he said, walking up to me and pulling me into a hug.
"It is." I smiled up at him.
He nodded and said, "How are you?"
"I'm good. Spent the day with my brother. It was fun. And you?"
"I'm alright."
I nodded and pulled out of his arms, deciding not to ask anything else about his day. If he wasn't going to just tell me, I wasn't going to push him to.
"I haven't seen you around town lately. Who you hiding from? Not me, right?" The smile spread across his face gave away that he knew it wasn't him.
"My boyfriend," I said, looking down to hide my I'm-definitely-lying smile.
"Your... what?! Since when?"
"Since like... a week ago." Still avoiding eye contact, I struggled to keep my voice steady and not laugh.
"Tell me."
"Well... we're madly in love. Stunningly in love."
"Really? What's his name?"
"Hm... Ben," I answered, saying
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When You're Ready
"I don't know if I could say I'm content anymore."
"What do you mean? What more could you want?"
"A lot more. Or just a little. Depends on how you look at it, I guess."
"You guess? There is no reason to discuss something you're not even sure of."
"That's not what I mean."
"Are you sure?"
"Would you just - Just stop trying to make me question myself. Listen."
"Then talk like you mean it."
"Fine. I feel like this isn't enough, that I need more than just this."
"That's already been established. But what exactly is 'this?'"
"'This' is this town, this house, this relationship. I don't feel like this is where I need to be. This isn't home."
"Home isn't a place."
"Well home isn't not being a place here."
"Then where is home?"
"I don't know."
"We'll discuss this again when you're sure of yourself."
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Life is Short
I think I didn't cry a few too many times.
But can you really blame me? You can't. Once you've had six people die on you within a year and a half of each other, then come back here and I'll listen then.
Stuff like that... it changes you. A lot. I finally realized how sudden life can end and how much it hurts everyone around them. That is such an important little lesson right there. It's sad though how people have to be practically slapped in the face by a horrible event before they actually realize it.
When death happens to people you love that often for a period of time, it kind of numbs you. I remember one specific moment where I looked at my best friend and said in the most nonchalant and empty voice, "I'm just wondering and waiting to see who's next." He was good about it. I don't think I could have taken that as well as he did. Isn't that a sad thing when one person has been so surrounded by death that they aren't even surprised when another person close to them dies?
I'm p
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A Nursery Rhyme Ending
My love story doesn't have
  The fairy tale ending
I would have appreciated.
Personally, I'd call it a nursery rhyme ending -
  Appearing playful but really being
Absolutely, soul crushingly empty.
Hidden under silly rhymes -
It's only as inspired
  As it looks.
Maybe the [sadistic] - Heartless -
  Author would rhyme pain [with] vain
And kissing with [missing].
How about we forget the actual words and -
Let us have a moment - a single second -
  Of {pure} silence for the {anguish}
They so cheerily portray.
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Do You Even Know?
It's battle of the Gods and then -
  The end of the world.
Or the end of ours
  At least.
Everything is so sensitive -
Voices motivate little earthquakes that
- Barely on my Richter Scale -
Shake the mountains and/
Or my soul.
Carbonated drinks and -
Fuzzy [mumbled] words.
  Lying liars and the
Broken people - products of their work -
  They are who keep me going -
  Even when everything is so
Fucking funny where
  I don't even want to breathe.
How about we watch them strut their stuff
- While we pretend we're inferior.
Because they've got a fundamental -
  Foundation with a [barely] ethical origin.
Keep the love to yourself
  Because no one likes those principles -
  That kind of stimulation.
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If walls could talk,
I'd know every secret and
Every word spoken or done and seen by
These old walls.
I would know a lie before I was
Told it. And I'd know the key to everyones'
Hearts. I could plan perfect plans
And execute them perfectly with the knowledge of these walls.
The problem would only appear when
I learn something I was never
Supposed to learn. Something that would be
The straw that broke the camel's back.
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Exercise M
Following where the administrative assistant pointed, I knocked lightly on the wooden door and stepped inside.
"I'm here for the," I said starting to talk but cut off by the interviewer.
"Job interview," she said with a polite smile. "My name is Riley White. Go ahead and take a seat, Lena." I smiled back and walked over to the chair on the opposite side of the table she was sitting at.
I was surprised by how young the woman was to be interviewing for the business, but I came to the conclusion that I shouldn't have been surprised as it was only a cashier job. She looked to be in her early twenties, only a few years older than myself. Her long flat brown hair was pulled back into a low pony tail. She had stunningly bright blue eyes to the point where one would wonder if she wore colored contacts, I attributed the bright color to the equally stunningly bright blue shirt she was wearing bringing out the color of her eyes. A light, barely there powdering of freckles covered her cheeks.
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Mature content
What We Always Hated :iconcedardoo6:cedardoo6 1 3
Raising Pain by cedardoo6 Raising Pain :iconcedardoo6:cedardoo6 1 0


A Beautiful Encounter by thrumyeye A Beautiful Encounter :iconthrumyeye:thrumyeye 7,067 521 Frozen fireworks 3 by LucieG-Stock Frozen fireworks 3 :iconlucieg-stock:LucieG-Stock 56 30 Secret. 11081 by DeviantArtSecret Secret. 11081 :icondeviantartsecret:DeviantArtSecret 85 19 The Celestial Conductor by AimishBoy The Celestial Conductor :iconaimishboy:AimishBoy 1,312 171 blind love is true by MalvaAlcea blind love is true :iconmalvaalcea:MalvaAlcea 374 16 The Dumb Kid by Demachic The Dumb Kid :icondemachic:Demachic 1,811 289 Special numbers by cyanide987 Special numbers :iconcyanide987:cyanide987 343 141 Taste The Rainbow ... by aoao2 Taste The Rainbow ... :iconaoao2:aoao2 4,293 479 A Great Deal by BrokenTeapot A Great Deal :iconbrokenteapot:BrokenTeapot 4,064 673 we run together by wolf-minori we run together :iconwolf-minori:wolf-minori 580 40
i once had someone who was like my favorite blanket.
i held him close, felt his warmth and inhaled his scent that helped me fall asleep.
clothed or naked, he treated me indifferently.
all i'm most certain of is that whenever i'm with him,
i'm like near the ocean, or under a shady tree on a scorching day.
i spoke to him the way i spoke to myself in my head; careless, familiar, unafraid.
i used to lie in his arms with a selfish grin, knowing i have found something most people never will.
i don't exactly know what, but whatever it is, it's definitely worth every ounce of my sleepless nights.
i think we never really had to talk; because even when we were as silent as death,
we understood eachother well, like how first kisses tell you if it's gonna be sweet or not.
i gave him room to breathe when the thought of him and me got too suffocating for him.
i gave him space. for someone so possessive, i gave him a lot of space.
there was never any kind of assurance that he would return,
and that k
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Comission Artwork for MegaJump by Brosa Comission Artwork for MegaJump :iconbrosa:Brosa 8,288 756
there's a fine line
between memories and loneliness.
:iconsnow-angels:snow-angels 18 14
Bite me.
"BITE ME!" She screamed at him, her arms shaking in anger at him.
He gave her a grin, sliding his hands into his pockets as he walked over her. Leaning forward he whispered in her ear and her face flushed at the heat of his breath on her skin.
:iconbk00:bk00 64 68
Some great art by some great artists.


I have some photography (mostly birds) that I took in Florida that I plan to submit. They're very pretty birds!

I've started playing Portal. And Singularity. I should really start finishing games before I start another. I'm currently in the middle of playing through at least six games. It's ridiculous. That's as bad as reading multiple books at the same time!

Portal is driving me crazy! I love it but it's so irritating sometimes. >.< Back to playing...
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