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Christmas Card

Hey everyone, I'm back with some new work ! =D
and, I got to find this super tutorial : [link]
so I wanted to give it a try ^^
Certainly one of the most difficult photomanipulation I've made, but I'm quite happy with the result ^^
Hope that you'll like it (even though I messed the moon :( )

I do not owe any of the photo, so thanks to those stocks :

Trees : [link]§ion=&q=forest+winter+snow#/d1uhbnv

Pen : [link]

and most of the texture : [link]

Merry Christmas to everyone ^^

Don't steal my work :)

Oh my, thanks to all of you, I wasn't expecting so many faves and so nice comments ! :love:
I'm trying to thank all of you, so sorry if I don't !

Has been featured here : [link] and [link]
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Hello :heart: Your beautiful art has been submitted to our journal Christmas Time manipulating-dreams.deviantart… in :iconmanipulating-dreams: Thank u :heart:
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Woa, thank you so much Heart 
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This is sooo neat! Wonderful job, great work!!!!! One of my faves!!!
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Thank you so much :hug:
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May I steal it and send my colleagues pls?:D
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Well I don't really like the use of "steal", but as long as you say I'm the one who made this, no prob ^^
By the way, from the look of how many people downloaded it, I don't think you're the first one to do this, but at least, you're the first one to ask me permission, thanks :)
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Thanks for this inspiring work then!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!:)
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I featured your art on my blog: [link]
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Thank you so much :hug:
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It's gorgeus. Coul you tell me how have you donde the table and the card,because It's very dificult the tutorial for me. thanks
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Thanks, I'll try but it's a year since I made it so I'm not sure if I'll be able to explain quite well !
I'm working with GIMP so unlike in the tutorial, I wasn't able to create the form directly from the card he gives as an example. So I made a new layer in which I pasted the card model, then create an other layer, I selected all the bottom of the card and in the new layer I filled it with the shade. Same thing for the upper part of card. Then I kinda follow his instructions (couldn't do everything if I remember well since I'm on GIMP)
As for the table, same I couldn't place the table as he does so I simply "distorted" the layer so that the table may seem in the same plan as the bottom of the card ! Then adding the shading as he does !
Hope it helps, let me know if you have any other questions :)
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:iconasnowmanplz:Your incredible artwork has been featured here [link] . Happy Hollidays !:holly:
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my, thank you so much !!! :love:
merry christmas !!!!
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Good show; keep up the good work - wishing you a creative 2011! :D
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thank you very much !!! :hug:
I also wish a nice and creative new year ^^
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I really like the concept! Wouldn't it be amazing if we had christmas cards like that? So well done! :)
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thank you very much
I think I would have ... I don't know ... plenty of those cards ^^
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You're welcome :huggle:

Yeah I would buy a lot of them :D
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If only cards really were like this.
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haha, would be nice ! ^^
Each card would have her own little fantasy world ^^
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