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The Beast ! Your inner self.
Artist | Digital Art


You also can support my silly art on :

-> Tumblr : lovely-murderous-innerbeast.tu…

-> Twitter :

About me ?
Unbearable, skinny local gangsta bitch... with norwegian and romanian origins. Strange mix I know.
Super tamer of resin rebels. Part-time redeemer and asshole.

Mainly a writer, but only posting my silly art here.

I love sports (especially martial arts), shooting (club member), writing (obviously) and walking... simply walking during hours, aimlessly. That's all for my occupations, I guess.

Favorite Quotations :
- "Le plaisir de la méchanceté échappe aux âmes simples." Jean-Claude Silbermann
- "Chose défendue, chose désirée"
- "Les caprices sont le privilège de la beauté." Wole Soyinka
- "I'm the devil and i'm here to do the devil's work." Otis (The Devil's Rejects)
- "Well, I don't bend and I don't crack"
- "Beat on the brat with a baseball bat"
- "Body or soul, that's hard to say."
- "Que celui qui combat les monstres prenne garde dans sa guerre à ne pas devenir un monstre lui-même. A force de plonger trop longtemps votre regard dans l'abîme, c'est l'abîme qui entre en vous." / "Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you." (Friedrich Nietzsche)
- "Ce qui est fait par amour s'accomplit toujours par-delà bien et mal." / "Whatever is done for love always occurs beyond good and evil." (Friedrich Nietzsche)
- "It is impossible to suffer without making someone pay for it ; every complaint already contains revenge." (Friedrich Nietzsche)
- "Listen carefully. Everyone make mistakes. But if you committed a sin, you have to make an atonement for that sin. Atonement, do you know what that means? Big Atonement for big sins. Small Atonement for small sins." (Sympathy for Lady Vengeance)
- "Even though I'm worse than a beast, don't I deserve to live ?" (Old Boy - my favorite movie AND ONLY THE TRUE, FIRST VERSION)
- Ezéchiel 3.26 ; 6.7 ; 6.12
- Je suis un animal avec du bleu à l'âme. (Blondie)
- "He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man"
- And many lines from Guns N Roses, Blondie, Kate Bush, Pat Benatar, The Who... (Words are so important in life)

All posts, drawings, characters and photos etc are © CecilMateus.
(Exceptions : Characters that aren't mine are listed in the end of this post)


The Deities in the Dead Garden (in order of importance) :

- Sugarble Matthew = Helel [The Quiet] – The Ruler of All
- Illusion Spirit Linxi = Uriel [The Renegade Angel]
- DIM Minimee Yazoo FFVII AC [Pale NS] = Moïra [The Fate]
- SOOM MD Breccia - Moon Wish [CW] = Eøs [The Dawn]
- IPLEHOUSE EID Aurora head [WS] + SID Man body [WS] = Saul Salomon [The Healer]
- IOS Hiro [NS] = Cloudbusting [The Mind Reader]
- SOOM Gem Tremo [TS] + Chalco fantasy parts Linuus hands and hooves [TS]= Bélial [Le Castrateur] (Sex offender)
- SOOM Gem Ender - Lord of the Dead [Tan Skin] = Ashbaâl Neith [The Tamer] / [The God of Beasts]
- SOOM Gem Beryl [NS] + Male body = Loki the Hollow Man [He-who-offers sorrow]
- = Idunn [The Wild Faun]
- IPLEHOUSE EID Fantasy Demon Version Victor The Addiction [Blue grey skin] = Seth [The Whisperer]
- Another Secret Mr.Rabbit [NS] with OOAK Religious Bloody Tears face-up by Eisemann = Arvid [The Deceiver]
- = Raziel Astaroth [The Fall of Heretics]
- SOOM Epidos human version [NS] = Ruthless [The Reaper]
- IOS Nebel [New white skin] = Vayne Moirae [The Executioner]

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse :

- IOS Infernale [New White] = Scarlet (Scarlatine) [La Peste Rouge / The Pestilence]
- GRANADO Uranus [Tan skin] = Weiss Krig [The War]
- DOLLSHE CRAFT David Kuncci [Fresh skin] = Mordecaï Jero [La Famine]
- Popodoll Ramiel LIMITED boy super dollfie SD17 [WS] = Khamael [La Parole de Dieu / The Death]

The Ancestral Guardians :

- Modded Liv Tyler head by Sabriell = Brünnhilde [The Walkyrie]
- Elfdoll Vivien [NS] = Sapphô [The Muses' Servant]
- SOOM Galena - Deity Pitta [GS] Modded = Selene [The Bearer of Moonlight / The Chosen of the Moon]
- = Aurora [The Radiant Dawn / The Chosen of the Sun]

The Hell Descent :

- SOOM Gem Vesuvia fantasy head + Galena fantasy body = Hecate [The Fury]
- IPLEHOUSE EID Doria Vampire [WS] = Lilith [The Lethal Seamstress]
- DOLLSHE CRAFT SA Saint [Oriental Skin] = Pan Adonis [The Insane Lover]
- IPLEHOUSE EID Victor Normal Head - The Addiction [Blue Grey Skin] = Gésabel [The Dark Apostle]
- Luts Delf Nanuri modded by Onegreyelephant [WS] = Caligula [The Kid who caught the Noma]
- SOOM Phonolus Fantasy head [WS] = Rose [The Sorrow]
- SOOM Gem Cuprit Black Frost [WS] = Freyja [The Moon Keeper]
- = Madonna Oriente [The Holy Mother]
- SOOM Gem MD Io scareface [WS] = Glow [The Unwanted Child]
- SOOM Beryl - Love me or die + Chalco body (male) = Shemhazai the Tormenter [The Fallen Angel]
- Ringdoll Frankenstein 2013 Wasteland Edition [GS] = Hannibal [The Undead Knight]
- OR-doll Limos = Carmilla [The Vampire Queen / The Maneater]
- Doll In Mind Grell Sutcliff with apparent tongue (NS) (Black Butler) = Slick [The Organ Grinder]
- Miracledoll Vic teeth Limited head [NS] = Slit [The Organ Slicer]

The Seven Deadly Sins (The Cardinal Sins) :

- SOOM Gem Bazael - Rauco of Pain [GS] = Asmodeus [The Lust] / Emperor Mateus of Paramecia (FFII)
- SOOM Jet - Desert Mercenary [NS] = Lucifer [The Pride] / Cecil Harvey (FFIV)
- IOS Anarmonia [New White] = Satan/Amon [The Wrath]
- SOOM Idealian Photon = Leviathan [The Envy]
- GRANADO Hansel The Swindler [WS] = Mammon [The Greed]
- SOOM Gem Monzo - Stone Heart = Belphegor [The Sloth]
- = Beelzebub [The Gluttony]
• A proud look.
• A lying tongue.
• Hands that shed innocent blood.
• A heart that devises wicked plots.
• Feet that are swift to run into mischief.
• A deceitful witness that uttereth lies.
• Him that soweth discord among brethren.

The Saints / The Seven Virtues :

- SOOM Idealian Hyperon-Dhampir = Father Alejandro of the Vatican [The Witch Hunter] / Vampire Hunter D
- DOLLSHE CRAFT IM Hound [Pale skin] = Hugues de Watteau [The Sword Dancer] (Trinity Blood)
- SOOM Idealian York [Tan Skin] = Hazel Vincente [The Sweet Redeemer]
- IPLEHOUSE EID Arvid [Light brown skin] Model type = Dante Di Scipio [Le Lovelace]
- GRANADO Agent Mads [WS] = Irvine Barrow [The Gunfighter Cowboy]
- Soom Idealian Galway [Tawny Skin] = Valdès Sforza [The Armoured Guard]
- IPLEHOUSE Carved Heritage EID Leonard [LB] = (Judas) The Unknown [The Last One in the World]

The Five Senses :

- CrisNoel Cherry head [NS] = Adam [The Blind]
- IOS G [NS] = Stain [The Mute]
- IOS Blood [New white skin] = Véniel [The Mutilated]
- Dollshe Craft OE Old Saint [Fresh Skin] = Lazarus [The Deaf]
- IPLEHOUSE Rex Special Force [NS] = Samaël [The Screamer]

Those in the Waiting Room :

- IPLEHOUSE EID Carved Heritage – Bane [Special Real Skin] = Veaceslav Eugen [The Dreammaker] (Eve's older brother)
- SOOM Migma Hollow [Violet Skin] = Eve Calìn [The Siamese Twins] (Veaceslav's younger sister) (Her Nice Self)
- SOOM Migma Hollow Modded (Dreamy eyes and Glasgow smile) [VS] = Eve Calìn [The Siamese Twins] (Veaceslav's younger sister) (Her Naughty Self)
- IOS Chaos [WS] = Kiddò [The Lonely]
- = Ma Baker [The Tough Mother]
- IOS Jaguar [New Normal Skin] = Sève (Jesus) [The Lamb of God]
- IPLEHOUSE Claude [Real Skin] = Brunë [The Puppeteer or The Puppet ?]
- Dollshe Craft IM Hound [TS] = Caesar Ross Rocca y Cruz Glorimar [The Wayfarer]
- Volks SDgou Yukinojo Modded and painted by lightlybattered = Sakahagi Masamune alias Black Python [The Cyborg Samurai]

The Damned :

- Leekeworld Sleeping Head Patrick = Caïn [The Guilty]
- IPLEHOUSE Akando Pierrot - Noctarcana Circus - [Real Skin] (Very Modded) = Gilgamesh [The Man Who Refused To Die]
- SOOM Gem Chrom Firelord [NS] = Wolfgang [The Lone Hunter]
- SOOM Gem Epidos - Flame Sword = Siegfried Von Lohengrin [The Wandering Soul]
- SOULDOLL Jang [NS] = Fenrir Baldr [The Werewolf]
- SOOM Idealian Gluino (Vampire & Human faceplates) = Vlad Tepes Dracul, l'Empaleur
- SOOM Gem Chalco - Forest King - [NS] = "Rosso" Belladone Borgia [The Thief of Hearts]
- IPLEHOUSE EID Roger [LB] Superhero body = “Tarak” Kader [The Mercenary]
- IOS Jaguar [WS] = Axel Rufus [The Sycophant]
- Iplehouse Dexter Special Edition [RS] = Sid Blade [The Slaughterer]
- Ringdoll Sol [Tan skin] = "Zaal" Zach Andersen [The Sinner]
- Dollshe Craft Venitu 5th Motif [Honey peach skin] + Female body = Héthaïre [The Transsexual]
- SOOM Dia [WS] + Dollove Lenon body = Faith [The Child of God]
- IOS Shadow = Faust [The Consenting Victim]
- Dollshe Grant Philippe [NS] = Locke Scortatore Di Marzo [The Treasure Hunter]
- DOLLSHE CRAFT OE Bernard [Oriental Skin] = Sion [The Deathwatch]
- DOLLSHE CRAFT Saint Version 1 (2006-2008) [Oriental Skin] = Shadow [The Storyteller]
- DOLLSHE CRAFT OE Hound = Avery Sullivan [The Divine Comedian]
- IOS Keiji [New normal skin] = Skinless

Favorite Characters (not mine ; you can also find some characters that are inspired by characters not belonging to me in the categories above) :

- Ssilo Silmar [Pale NS] = Kefka Palazzo [The Tragic Jester] (FFVI)
- DIM Minimee Sephiroth [NS] = Séphiroth (FFVII)
- DIM Minimee Seifer Almasy FFVIII (with SDink face-up) = Seifer Almasy [The Rebel] (Final Fantasy VIII)
- = Kuja [The Lovely Fool] (FFIX)
- IPLEHOUSE EID Tedros [Light Brown Skin] = Jecht [The Father] (Final Fantasy X) <3 (One of my most loved video games characters. Childhood's thing maybe x)
- IPLEHOUSE Douglas [Peach gold skin] = “Ralph” Trevor Belmont [The Vampire Killer] (Castlevania CoD)
- Spiritdoll Thorn Head Grimmjow Heavy Mod [White skin] = Grimmjow Jaggerjack [The Destruction – The Sexta Espada] (Bleach)
- IOS Lacrimosa [NS] Modded = Nnoitra Jiruga/Gilga [The Despair – The Quinta Espada] (Bleach)
- GRANADO Charles ~ Prince is also a Pauper ~ [Sunshine skin] = Darius (young version) [The Hand of Noxus] (League of Legends)
- IOS Jade [New Normal skin] = Sebastian Castellanos (The Evil Within / Psychobreak)

All posts, drawings, characters, photos etc are © CecilMateus.

About Copyright :

• Can I use your photos, drawings etc... for avatars/signatures/wallpapers/on other websites, etc... ?
It has to be said : Do NOT use any of my pictures without my permission. You may not edit, repost, or redistribute my photos without my explicit written permission. My photos are not stock, nor are they free domain. I'm just a person who ask for a little respect ; I don't bite though... not very often.

• Can I draw one of your characters ?
That's OK, but insert a link to my account and inform me. I'll be happy to see drawings.

• Can I write fanfiction about your characters ?
Honestly, I'll say : No. You can't use my characters' names, informations etc...
But, as I love to read, if you think your idea is really original and interesting, contact me and send me a synopsis. I'll read it and, then, let you know my answer.
! Wait for my answer before doing anything !

• For those who think my characters just look like theirs...
Fatal error. Nope. My characters are my characters and nothing else. They belong only to me. I consider them as my children, my friends... They personify MY neuroses, MY experiences. Well, you understand they are VERY important to me, so I'll be mad if someone "steal" them.
Of course, I don't deny the fact that we all have a few things in common at least, like in our tastes, in our experiences... and so you will always find characters who remind you of your own characters, but that doesn't mean you can use the other's characters. Similarities don't give you that right. (Sorry for that reminder but I thought it was necessary.)

• BUT some of the characters listed don't belong to me ! They are characters that I really love, so I turn them into BJDs. Here they are :

- Kefka Palazzo [The Tragic Jester] (FFVI)
- My Asmodeus [The Lust] is based on the design of Emperor Mateus of Paramecia (FFII)
- My Lucifer [The Pride] is based on the design of Cecil Harvey (FFIV)
- Sephiroth (FFVII)
- Kuja [The Lovely Fool] (FFIX)
- Seifer Almasy [The Rebel] (FFVIII)
- Jecht [The Father] (FFX)

- Darius [The Hand of Noxus]

- My Satan/Amon [The Wrath] was based on Asra (Samurai Shodown) in his first version but I redid him.

- Isaac Laforeze [The Innocent Devil] (Castlevania CoD)
- “Ralph” Trevor Belmont [The Vampire Killer] (Castlevania CoD)

TRINITY BLOOD : (Sunao Yoshida, Kentaro Yasui)
- Hugues de Watteau [The Sword Dancer] (Trinity Blood)

Well it's just about his outfit, based on Yoshitaka Amano's drawings.
- Vampire Hunter D

- Sebastian Castellanos
- Ruvik (Ruben Victoriano)

- Grimmjow Jaggerjack [The Destruction – The Sexta Espada]
- Nnoitra Jiruga/Gilga [The Despair – The Quinta Espada]

* Concerning my BJDs : Presentation of my little friends can be found in my Journal (incomplete)*

BJDs that appear on pictures on this account, but belonging to my dear friend :

- IOS Mezz [New White skin] = Renji Abarai [The Soul Reaper] (Bleach)
- IOS Bel Canto [New White skin] = Vladimir [The Crimson Reaper] (League of Legends)
- SOOM Obsidius Human [NS] = Isaac Laforeze [The Innocent Devil] (Castlevania CoD)
- = Ruvik (Ruben Victoriano) (The Evil Within / Psychobreak)

Current Residence : Lost in an hungry town...
Favourite genre of music : Hard rock, Rock, Country
MP3 player of choice : Apple


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