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March 10, 2009
mirror by ~ce-i is created for Sanggar Kreativitas Bobo, a place where kids are free to express their creativity.
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the third series of my print. same concept "creativity needs space" :D
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good photography, Looking nice and good
Hiiragiblade12's avatar
I do that every day....
cecilliahidayat's avatar
really? you must have a very fun life :D
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ce-iii keren...!!!
bobo kalo mengerjakan iklan freelance? atau ini dari agensi?
cecilliahidayat's avatar
eee nggak Di, ini tugas akhir gw pas kuliah dulu huahahaha :))
ini motret adek sepupu gw ini setengah matiiii kira-kira 2 jam lari-larian dan nemenin dia maen, makanya liat tuh rambutnya ancur kringetan semua -_-" dan lightingnya...buruk :p
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idenya kreatif banget
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I absolutely love this. :]
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Such lovely face,so cute!:hug:
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Wow nice work! I found your work at [link] too.
cecilliahidayat's avatar
thank you!!! :D and thanks for notifying me about the link, i didn't know they put my work there :D
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I just browsing out there and found this cute work. Then I follow the original link, which dragged me here.

Btw, u're Indonesian?
cecilliahidayat's avatar
ow orang indo juga yah? iyaaa...sini anak jakarta hihihi...kamu dari Bali kah? :D
makasih yaaaa...salam kenal! :D
baiyoo's avatar
aaa ketauan dari bali..
sama-sama, salam kenal juga :wave:
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She is DARLING! <3
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Smiling & Cute :heart: !
w0lven-Spirit's avatar
This is so freaking adorable!!! <3
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Aww...cute ^_^
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