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I finally opened a shop at… and now I only have to figure out what to make/post there! ^^ 
I decided to put down a list of what I would like to paint in the future or what I'm already painting/ drawing/ crafting.                                                                      

1. Draw this again: Ara - painting (wip)
2. My own characters (wip)
3. Spawn
4. Jazz Jackrabbit (wip)
5. Hunter x Hunter  
6. Artdolls (wip)
7. Horror knight (wip)
8. Disney's Hercules 
9. Don Bluth's Thumbelina 
10. Richard Rich's Swan Princess 
11. Spyro the Dragon 
12. Crash Bandicoot 
13. Dragon Age 
14. Bloodborne 
15. Dark Souls 
16. Little Nightmares 
17. Prince of Persia 
18. Genderbent Disney Ariel and Ursula
19. Primal game fanart
20. GHIBLI fanart