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Fan Art of BoA. BoA is one of my favourite korean artist that I listen to. I used a reference. All rights goes to the original photographer/creator and BoA.

Date: March 21 2019 
Materials Used: Sketch pencil (4H), regular eraser, Faber Castell 4 Pitt Artist Pens - Black (S, F, M & B) and Copic Ciao Markers (R29 & R46)

I started this drawing sometime in Janurary and I thought I could finish this drawing quite fast but due to other important priorities I couldn't finish it until last month in March. This is a drawing of BoA again but in black and white version using ink pens to ink it after the draft sketch drawing of her. I think it turn out not so bad even though there are some mistakes to it. ^^; =D    
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The arts looks pretty good. But, it still needs some improvements. As the poses of the portrait feels off. I recommend putting some pose reference to make the poses look more define ^^

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Even tho I'm typically a super harsh critic about art, I like this picture. The all black on the white backdrop with the lips providing the only color is a classic master race strategy for artists. It makes the image pop nicely. Good job. 
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This looks good! I like the splash of colour with the lips, and I think the hat and hair are quite effective. I also really like her eye. Her nose and neck look a little odd though. I know you said in one of your replies that you weren't going for a high level of realism, but even if you're creating stylised work, you need to make sure you're really focusing on anatomy so that your pieces read well. It's a nice little piece though. Good work <3
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This one stuck out the most to me when returning the comment; It's real well-developed, has sharp lines and the red lips draw you in. I especially love how the face is structured, and you can see the dedication to how each strand seems to go in a different direction. Great job!
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A short critique :)

I love the style here! Especially the hair and the eye look amazing :) The minimal colors are also a very nice touch, and go well with the more simple style. The prepositions look good too.

To the things you could improve. I might add just a little shading to the lips, as they get a lot of attention due to their color. Right now they look a little flat. I'm not entirely sure what the thing in the bottom right corner is (a plant?), but it does look quite good. Maybe try to make it more obvious what it really is.

But all in all this is a lovely drawing! The colors work great, and the way you drew the eye is just amazing. Keep it up!

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The bottom right corner is actually suppose to be feathers from the clothing that she is wearing. Thank you for your critique! :) 
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Thank you for buying this comment! I hope it helps.

My first impression is that this is a beautiful piece! The minimal color gives it a classy pop, which is very appealing. You have done very well on the facial proportions as well. Even if you used a reference (which is respectable) the proportions have still carried over nicely. The eye is probably the best part of the drawing. 

One thing I think would improve the piece is sticking to a level of realism. The hair is highly detailed and realistic which clashes with the slightly more cartoony face. This is not too bad, it just makes the piece look a little disorganized. Either shading portions of the face or simplifying the hair would make it better. 

Overall, I love the composition but he clash of styles makes the drawing a bit strange. Keep up the good work!

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I purposely not to make this drawing too realistic as I try to do a different or unique style to it. Thank you for your critique! :)   
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So pretty! I love the coloring and linework!
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The simplicity and contrasts of this piece are stunning! And you've nailed the proportions of her face, nice job!~
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Loving the direction of her eye gaze with the slant of her hat! very classy^^ 
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This is very elegant.I love the eye:fancy: 
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this is very beautiful well done :clap:
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