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Kodi by ceadar

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Name: Kodiak
Gender/Pronouns: Cis(?)-Male / He/They
Orientation: Pan / Poly
Relationship Status: Dating Kell
Age: Late Twenties
MasterlistMothcat ID #521
Character PageToyhouse

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Kodiak was once a bubbly, and friendly, but multiple accounts of betrayal and deceit have left them wary and reserved. Nowadays Kodiak struggles to make new friends. Although they appear grumpy and/or aloof, they are very loyal and not afraid to let their opinion be known. Kodiak is secretly the touchy-feely type and is always content to cuddle with their boyfriend. One of Kodiak's biggest fear is loosing friendships which causes them to be awkward or snappy in social situations, except with those they have been close to for a while. 

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= Romantic Partner(s)
= Family
 = Friend
∴ = Neutral
 = Enemy

  Kell| Boyfriend / Partner

Kodiak is constantly rolling his eyes at Kell antics, though he won't admit it out loud, he secretly finds it endearing. When the two are together, it is one of the few times Kodiak actually smiles. However, he refuses to acknowledge Kell's stupid nicknames.
"If you call me 'snugglepumpkin' one more time, I'll fight you." - Kodi (probably)

Icarus | Son

Icarus is Kodiak's oldest child with Kell. Icarus's size rivals Kodiak's. The two are fairly close despite it not being obvious to onlookers.

♦ Cookie | Child

Cookie! The most baby of Kodiak's kids. They are small and Kodiak likes to carry them between his wings much like how he carried Icarus.

♦  Taro | Son for Rent | A Baby

Kodiak usually only tolerates well behaved kids, but somehow Taro has wormed his way into their heart. Kodiak truly cares for this kid and almost considers him a little brother.

∴ Izzy | Ex-Girlfriend

After the breakup, the two fell out of touch. When Izzy tried to reconnect, Kodiak didnt know how to react and instead lashed out in anger. The two aren't best friends, but they're on speaking terms.

Diamonds | Ace of Diamonds  Nuisance

Kodiak spotted Diamonds stealing one of their favorite necklaces but she got away and when Kodiak figured out that she and Spades are siblings they tried to confront her about it but she was really cheeky about it replying "Yeah I don't know what you're talking about I'd neeeeever steal anything, especially not such a rusty necklace". And so whenever the grump squad would meet at their home Kodiak and Diamonds just kind of scowl at each other before she leaves them alone. 

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Bird - Crow by Mothkitten
Kodiak met Kukura during a walk through the forest while gathering supplies for crafting. The young crow managed to get trapped in a thorn bush. Once Kodiak freed him, Kukura decided to follow Kodiak around, despite Kodi's attempts to shoo the bird off. Once Kodiak gave in, Kukura became a more permanent part of Kodiak's life. The two seem to be inseparable.

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Personal Hoard Inventory
Kodiak's Necklace by Mothkitten

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